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5 Gifts No Mom Would Ever Ask For, But Definitely Needs


During any other time of the year, being a mom is a full-time job — but during the holidays, being a mom is a way of life. Between managing your daily work routine, caring for your little ones, and staying on top of holiday to-dos, it can be really easy to let self-care slip to a lower and lower position on your list of priorities. To remind you how much the hard work you do for your family is appreciated, we partnered with Minute Maid to come up with this helpful list of gifts moms really wish they could receive during their holiday celebrations. And in the spirit of giving and sharing, we're also encouraging you to go ahead and copy this link and send it out to your partner, your mom, your best friends — anyone you think could possibly be planning on surprising you with a holiday gift this year. It may not be in their budget to staff you with a personal chef, but we’re willing to bet they’ll be inspired by the thought behind these options. (Hint: Letter writing is free — and Minute Maid is helping you make a great one here!)

1. A clone of yourself, so you could get more done and have time left over to pamper yourself and do more with your family.

Allison Gore

Just think: If you had a clone, you could go to bed after you put your kid to bed!

2. A full-time staff to cook and clean while you and your kid go to the playground.

Allison Gore

If you leave the chores to the pros, you'll get to do what you're the real pro at: being your kid's mom.

3. A few minutes of peace and quiet on the family vacation.

Allison Gore

Let's not forget the equal importance of the words "family" and "vacation" here.

4. A handwritten letter from a loved one detailing all the things you do that they appreciate — but you were pretty sure they didn’t notice.

Allison Gore

It'll fill your heart with happiness and bring a tear to your eye. Heartfelt letters are gifts to be cherished. Check out Minute Maid's letter-writing tool that will help you craft this lovely gift idea for a loved one.

5. A lifetime supply of the coziest clothes in the world.

Allison Gore

Current status: The comfiest you've ever been.

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Illustrations by Allison Gore