5 Reasons To Wash Your Bath Towel Every Day

Ever since I was a kid, my mom has been very particular about keeping the house clean. Every Saturday morning, she would wake up my siblings and I to help her clean the house. Though I understood why she wanted to clean the house weekly, one thing I never grasped was why she washed towels almost every day. Now that I'm older though, I realized that there are some really gross things that happen if you don't wash your bath towel after two uses.

To be honest, it wasn't until a visit home last year that I asked my mom why she was so set on washing towels every day. Since she's worked in a hospital for majority of my life, she explained that she learned a long time ago how much bacteria you're hoarding in your used, unwashed towels. She also said that in order to avoid the bathrooms and small spaces from smelling like mildew, she would rather keep fresh towels in rotation as often as possible. I, however, was only washing my towels every four to five days. Needless to say, this newfound knowledge made me rethink my cleaning routine.

So, if you're like me and have a tendency to drag out laundry day, here are five reasons why you should reconsider doing so. At least when it comes to towels.


You'll Smell Musty

Prevention, noted that, because towels are thick, they hold water which produces a musty order if not washed soon enough. So if you don't wash your bath towel after three uses is you'll walk around smelling musty.


Your Allergies May React

SafeBee noted that unclean bath towels can also cause your allergies to react. If you're not washing your towels often enough, they will produce mold and that can set off an allergic reaction.


You Can Get Staphylococcus

According to Business Insider, sharing your unclean towel could produce staphylococcus, an infection that happens when your body is introduced to organisms that it isn't used to dealing with. So, in addition to frequently washing your towel, be sure that you aren't sharing them, too.


You Reintroduce Bacteria To Your "Clean" Skin

One of the main reasons my mom said she washes towels so frequently is because using a towel more than two or three times does nothing but put the dirt right back on your skin. Drying off with a dirty towel defeats the purpose of showering, right?


You Breed More Bacteria

SafeBee noted that not washing your towels often presents a breeding ground for bacteria, especially when placed next to other damp towels. Instead of scrunching it together on a rack, try spreading it out so that it can breathe or letting sunlight hit it to keep germs away.