The Grossest Things About Baby’s First Pee

There's no denying babies are cute, but their pee and poop is kind of gross. As a new parent you will come into contact with both a lot in those early days. And, because tinkle talk is mostly hush hush, you may be faced with some surprises when your baby is born. If you're a mom-to-be, or just naturally curious about this stuff, you may wonder about the gross things that happen the first time a newborn pees. More specifically, what's normal and what isn't.

As a new mom, I had never analyzed another human beings excrement as much as I did in those first 24 hours after my baby was born. It might sound bizarre, but as a parent or caregiver, you become an expert in your infant's peeing and pooping habits. You'll be instructed to inspect the color, consistency, and frequency, all of which are reported to your child's medical provider. You may even make a journal or perhaps an excel spreadsheet tracking your child's number ones and twos in those initial days (I wish I was joking about the spreadsheet).

All of this special attention you pay to your baby's peeing and pooping habits is really important in making sure your baby is healthy and free from illness. Here are five seemingly odd things that happen when your newborn pees for the first time, that are totally normal and nothing to be concerned about.


They Pee Inside Of You

Your baby didn't pee right when they were born? That's probably because they did that inside of you. According to The Bump, once your baby's kidneys start to work and putting out urine (which can happen as early as 11 weeks), those fluids help build the cushion, or amniotic fluid. As noted on the same site, after 20 weeks the amniotic fluid is mostly urine.


They Swallow It

All humans have swallowed and digested their own pee. Throughout gestation your baby is ingesting amniotic fluid, processing it through their kidneys, and peeing it back out, according to the Babies Online website.


It Might Have A Funny Color

Your newborn's first pee outside of the womb may have what is considered a peculiar color. Rest assured, there is nothing to be alarmed about. According to the Women's Health Topics website, your baby's pee might be reddish orange in those initial hours and days, and eventually fade to a more pale yellow. Once your baby drinks breast milk or formula the pee should turn to a more normal color.


It Can Go Everywhere And Make A Mess

This mostly pertains to boy newborns, because their pee can travel. If you're not careful it can shoot you in the eye or spray your shirt. Not only will your newborn's pee be messy the first time, it will probably be messy for awhile throughout babyhood. The best way to change a baby boy's diaper to avoid getting hosed is to not leave the penis exposed, as suggested in Parents.


It Can Smell Really Bad

Pee doesn't exactly smell like a bouquet of roses for anyone, but apparently newborns have some of the strongest smelling pee. Many new parents have reported in online threads that in those initial days their baby's pee smelled really foul. Smelly urine is pretty normal in those initial days, but if you notice a strong smell that goes on for several days there might be something more serious going on. As explained in Everyday Health, smelly urine accompanied by other symptoms like fever or less frequent wet diapers could be a sign of infection. If you're unsure, it's best to call your doctor to get an exam for your baby just to be safe.