5 Health Myths That Are Actually True, Proving Chicken Soup Is More Than A Comfort Thing

Grandma always shared some health-related myths, like going outside with wet hair would give you a cold. But over the years, advances in science, medicine, and technology have debunked many of these old adages. We know now know that drinking warm milk before bed is more likely to make you want a chocolate chip cookie than it is to make you sleepy. But even after all the fact checking and myth busting, could it be possible that there are some health myths that are actually true?

Although many health myths have been filed under Old Wive's Tale, there are a handful that are proven to have some merit. Yes folks. It turns out here is some science to support the wellness remedies your family has been passing down for generations. What was once thought to be hokey practices that acted as placebo, are emerging as viable options for boosting health and relieving cold symptoms. Maybe Grandma didn't have it all wrong when she shoved an apple into your hand and said, "Eat this! It's good for you."

The next time you find yourself feeling a little under the weather, consider one of these five health myths that are actually true, to help you on the road to recovery.


Eat Chicken Soup For A Cold

Most people have suffered a common cold, and while there is no known cure but time, researchers believe a warm bowl of soup can alleviate many of the undesirable symptoms. The Mayo Clinic reported that chicken soup can promote healing in more than one way. The site further explains that the hot liquid has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to break up congestion and give the virus less time to stick around in the nose lining. This also increases your hydration levels, which are crucial to keep up when under the weather.


Eat An Apple A Day

Crispy deliciousness aside, a study published by Nutrition Journal notes apples have a strong set of disease-fighting components know as phytochemicals. This means apples are naturally good at reducing the risk of some cancers, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and diabetes. The study also showed a link between regular apple consumption and lower cholesterol. Although the effects of eating apples continue to be studied, it's fair to say that chowing on this fruit is a tasty way to stay healthy.


Nosh On A Banana To Fall Asleep

As an article on Health stated, bananas are are loaded with both  magnesium and potassium — two minerals known to aid with sleep. They also have carbs, which have been known for their ability to create a sleepy sensation. In fact, it seems you can't go wrong when it comes to eating bananas, as the benefits to eating them work wonders for your overall health.  


Gargle With Salt Water

It might sound unpleasant, but Mayo Clinic assured that gargling with salt water will calm irritation in the throat. Though using this home remedy is not guaranteed to rid you of your cold, the salt water mixture aids in the temporary relief of soreness in the throat. So next time you feel that scratchy heat rising in your throat, try a combo of 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon salt in 8 ounces of warm water. Once the salt is dissolved you can gargle away. 


Eat Your Bread Crusts

Bread can get a bad rap. But those dark brown crusts you couldn't tolerate on your PB&J as a kid, are where all the health benefits of bread are hiding. Science Daily reported that the levels of antioxidants in the crust of bread can boost beneficial enzymes in the human body. The research showed that the antioxidants were not present in either the dough or the soft inside of the bread, but existed exclusively in the crust. So go ahead and take down that whole sandwich, crust and all. (As if you needed permission.)

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