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5 Instagrams That Show Why Ryan Reynolds Is An Awesome Dad

It's no secret that Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, are very protective of their daughter James' privacy. Reynolds famously dropped a friend who tried to shop pics of the tot to the tabloids. But even though he's not parading her down the street every day, if you do enough digging, there's actually some evidence that Ryan Reynolds is a pretty awesome dad. In February, he told the Today show that he "always" does the dirty work, adding, "I love getting up in the middle of the night. I'm fine with that!" (Incidentally, that also qualifies him for awesome husband status.)

The rare occasions when he does talk about James prove that he's a doting dad. "I have been wrapped around her little finger since the day she plopped out into this world," he once told People. Sure, he pokes plenty of fun on Twitter — like calling her artwork "absolute garbage" when she was 6 months old, or claiming that he taught her that the sun goes down every night because it's mad at her — but it's obvious that, jokes aside, he a pretty great father. Check out these Instagram photos that show how rad he is at parenthood:

He Taught James How To Thumb Wrestle

An infant's hand grasping a parent's thumb is practically a mandatory photograph, but Reynolds' caption made his truly stand out: "Thumb wrestling isn't always fair. Curiously, my hand is the small one."

He Wears The Hell Out Of A Baby Carrier

On Reynolds' first Fathers' Day as a dad, Lively shared this pic of him wearing James in a baby carrier, which makes the Deadpool actor a real-life superhero in my book, because damn, are those things uncomfortable.

He Tries To Relate

Speaking of Deadpool, here he is studying everybody's favorite menstruation literature so he can relate to his colleage, Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Looks like he'll be plenty prepared to go pad shopping for James in a decade or so. Should we tell him that they aren't attached by belts anymore?

He's The Coolest Dad In The Neighborhood

Here he is hanging out with a gaggle of tiny X-Men on Halloween. You've got to love a dad who's willing to put on a costume. Maybe next year he'll go as Green Lantern? Too soon?

He's Trying To Save The Earth

If we're going to bring the next generation into this world, the least we can do is leave it a little better than we found it. Reynolds serves as an ambassador for Eddie Bauer's One Tree Initiative, which works to restore American forests. Go, Dad!