5 Jenna Theories On 'Pretty Little Liars' That Explain Why She Is Back In Rosewood

Rosewood is a revolving door for murders, kidnappers, and possible 'A' suspects. Just as we finally said goodbye to evil Doctor Rollins, in comes Jenna Marshall who we haven't seen since Season 5. It seems the Liars just can't catch break (when could they ever?). With Jenna back in town this can only mean trouble for the Liars. Jenna has been a constant thorn in the Liars side since Season 1, but to be fair they are the reason why she's blind. Of course, Jenna would hate them. Who wouldn't? But why is Jenna back really? Thankfully fans are already on the case and there's plenty of Jenna Pretty Little Liars theories in the works.

Did Jenna kill Charlotte? Is Jenna A.D.? Does Jenna somehow know about the Liars killing Dr. Rollins? And most importantly, why has she decided to return to Rosewood now after all this time? There's so many theories to consider and really any of them of could be true. One can never be certain what PLL showrunner, I. Marlene King, has up her sleeve but by now fans have come to expect the unexpected. Here's just a few Jenna theories that seem just far fetched enough to be plausible.

Jenna Is "Uber A"

This is possibly the most popular Jenna theory right now. There's a lot of reasons why Jenna could be "Uber A". There's the Jenna thing, her love for Toby, her love for Shana, and her general dislike for the Liars. Plus, the fact that Jenna just seems to reappear when big things happen is very interesting. Still, Jenna hasn't been onscreen since Season 5. Is it possible she was really running the show offscreen this whole time? When it comes to Rosewood, anything's possible.

Jenna's Part Of The A-Team

This is an old theory, but it still holds true. Jenna has always been suspicious, and her return right after Rollins is killed only makes her seem more suspicious. Did A.D. call in Jenna to find out what happened to Rollins? Has Jenna just been pulled off of the A-Team bench to take Rollins place? Will she be tormenting the Liars again this season? Whatever Jenna's up to it probably won't be good for the Liars.

Jenna Has Come Back To Help The Liars Find "Uber A"

Well this would be an interesting twist. According to some fans, Jenna could actually be returning to Rosewood to help the Liars and finally put an end to "Uber A's" reign of terror. Why Jenna would care to help the Liars remains unseen, but it would be interesting to see Jenna team up with the Liars. It wouldn't be the first time the Liars worked with a former enemy (we're looking at you Mona).

Jenna Is Working With Sara Harvey

Back in June, I. Marlene King did an interview with Zap2it, where she stated Sara will make an "unlikely new friend" this season and admitted that Sara and Jenna do have a lot in common when it comes to the Liars. Whether or not Sara and/or Jenna are Uber A, it'd be interesting to see these two team up and what kind of havoc they would cause in Rosewood.

Jenna Killed Charlotte

This theory seems a bit far-fetched since Jenna has been gone for so long, but her reappearance right after Rollins death is a huge clue that she is in fact Charlotte's killer. If Jenna did do it she probably didn't want to stick around to be caught, plus with A.D. on a witch hunt for Charlotte's true killer, Rosewood would be the last place Jenna would want to be. But now that Rollins is dead Charlotte's murderer would probably feel more comfortable coming back to Rosewood, which is why Jenna has waited until now to return. Still, Jenna left way back in Season 5. Her sneaking back into to Rosewood just to kill Charlotte seems a bit crazy but then again this is Pretty Little Liars. Everything's a bit crazy.