5 Kinds Of Bras Every Mom Needs, Because Your Lady Parts Deserve The Support

by Emily Westbrooks

It seems like every time I'm invited to a wedding, I manage to find an outfit that needs a bra I don't own. Either clothes are getting more complicated, or my bra supply has been dwindling and I was too busy changing diapers and running around after a 2-year-old toddler to notice! To save myself the hassle of buying a new bra every time a special event rolls around, I'm stocking up on these five kinds of bras every mom needs, because your lady parts deserve the support.

What kinds of bras you need does depend on the stage of life you're in, but you'll want to make sure you have a t-shirt bra, a sports bra, and something sexy for date nights, among a few others. Bra expert Jené Luciani, author of the bestselling book The Bra Book, recommends "a rotation of seven bras for every day of the week, since ideally you are rotating bras and not wearing the same one every day — and washing in between!" If I'm honest, I only ever have about two bras that are real winners and rotate those back and forth until they truly give in, but wearing a fresh bra every single day does sound a lot more appealing!

If the bra section of your closet is looking a little bare, it's worth spending some time and money making sure you have this selection so you're not left stranded without the right bra for the right occasion (or even just lounging around the house) anytime soon.


A Nude T-shirt Bra


Luciani recommends a great nude t-shirt bra women can wear everyday, "So [they] can look smooth under everything and wear it with almost anything." As for which bra in particular this bra expert would suggest? "I recommend SOMA’s Vanishing Back Bra or the new front-close wirefree from Yummie." Whatever bra you'd like to wear everyday, Luciani suggests buying one in black and two in nude so you can rotate throughout the week.


A Sports Bra

Monkey Business/Fotolia

Whether you're rocking down to the local library for toddler yoga or pushing a jogging stroller around your neighborhood, a sports bra is a good addition to your stash. Luciani explains, "This can vary depending on her activity level and also, the woman’s preference. Some prefer compression which gets pulled over your head or stepped into, others prefer encapsulation which is more supportive like a regular bra."


A Sleeping Bra

Otherwise known as a spa bra, this one is for those times you don't really have to leave the house or be seen by the general public. Some women wear them to sleep (and you may prefer that if you're still nursing through the night). "Many women like a soft, stretchy bra they can wear around the house or for at night. Especially women who are engorged and have sore breasts! Cotton bras are great for this purpose," reports Luciani.


A Nursing Bra


Obviously, this one is only applicable if you're nursing, but if you are,you'll definitely need at least one nursing bra. In fact, if you're nursing, the maternity store Mum's the Word recommends "at least three nursing bras to get you started," and cautions that you should really mind the fit of your nursing bra. "A properly fit, well made bra makes you look and feel better," they explain.


A Sexy Bra


And last but certainly not least, every mom needs a sexy bra. Luciani suggests you, "pick something special that makes you feel good so you can pull it out for that rare date night without the kids!" It doesn't have to be anything outrageous or even multi-colored, but having a bra that's that bit fancier (and therefore, hopefully, not covered in breast milk or spit up or mushed banana) can do wonders on an exhausted mom's self-esteem.

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