5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween is upon us, and if you don't have your kids' costumes prepared, you may be on the verge of a major meltdown. Whether you've been trying to decide between a princess and a superhero, or are just the kind of person who thrives under pressure (no judgement here), there's no denying that the Halloween costume window is closing quickly. If you're scrambling to come up with a costume to make sure your kid's Halloween goes off without a hitch, you need these last-minute Halloween costumes for kids.

A mummy, a rock star, and a nerd are just a few of the ideas you can pull together at home faster than you can say "trick or treat." Yes, these ideas are totally DIY, which means you can save the gas you would use driving to every costume shop in town and the expedited shipping fees you would pay for a costume that will end up completely covered in chocolate and caramel anyway.

So don't worry, Mom, you can still save Halloween for your little ones and pull together one of these quick and easy costumes. Use these ideas as inspiration and feel free to embellish to your heart and your glue gun's content.



There's nothing cuter than a cat, except maybe your kid dressed as one. You can start with a black top ($37) and your favorite pair of black leggings ($10). Add a pair of cat ears ($15) and a tail ($8), and even the mice won't be able to resist her.



The mummy is a classic Halloween costume that is sure to get a scare out of your neighbors. For an easy DIY version, dress your kid in gray sweatshirt ($4) and sweatpants ($4). Then, cut an old white sheet into strips, wrap them around your kid and glue or pin the ends to his sweats.


'80s Rocker

You don't have to be a die hard heavy metal fan to love '80s rocker style. Get the kid-friendly version of the look with a a rock t-shirt ($25) and a pair of distressed jeans ($30). If you want to accessorize, add a rock wig and toy guitar.


Gumball Machine

A gumball machine is an easy, creative costume that works for both boys and girls. For the machine, start with a red sweatshirt ($45) and red pants ($14). Glue multi-colored pom poms or small balloons around the midsection for the gumballs.



You may not have wanted to hang out with the nerd in your high school geometry class, but your kid's costume will make being a nerd totally cool. Get all of this nerdy goodness with a bow tie ($5), white oxford shirt ($10), and pants ($50), and no nerd costume would be complete without a pair of suspenders ($14).