5 Last-Minute Lorelai & Luke Halloween Costumes You Can Find In Your Closet

You spent 90 percent of Gilmore Girls waiting for Luke and Lorelai to get together, and the other 10 percent clapping your hands and melting when they finally got together. With the revival of Gilmore Girls right around the corner, why not pay homage to Stars Hollow's finest by throwing together some last-minute Luke and Lorelai couples Halloween costumes? The best part about dressing up as one of your favorite TV couples of all time, is that you probably already have most of the items in your closet. With a few accessories from the early aughts, you'll be ready to take on anything. As long as you have a cup of coffee in your hand.

Though Luke and Lorelai weren't together in the series finale, die-hard fans have been speculating that Luke and Lorelai are together in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, according to a few well placed clues throughout social media. So if you're ready to celebrate (or spend the next four episodes pining), dust off your baseball caps and coffee pots, and choose your favorite version of Luke and Lorelai to prance around all Halloween long. And if people can't tell who you are from your decidedly normal-looking clothing options, just hum the classic Gilmore Girls theme song all night long, and they'll get the hint.


Pre-Luke & Lorelai Luke & Lorelai

Grey T-Shirt, $7, Amazon | Pink Cardigan, $20, Old Navy | Beanie, $22, Dorothy Perkins | Yellow Coffee Mug, $10, Amazon

Before they were a couple, they were just two Stars Hollow residents, battling over the coffee pot.

For Lorelai's first ever episode look, all you need are some quintessential '90s staples. Start with a plain grey t-shirt, and layer a pink cardigan over top. Next, grab yourself a multi-colored beanie that you can wear indoors and out, and be sure you have a yellow coffee mug to fill up with coffee all night long.

Crewneck T-Shirt, $6, Amazon | Flannel Button-Up, $60, Mango | Navy Baseball Cap, $10, ASOS | Hand Towel, $4, Big Lots

Your Luke starter pack should start with the Luke Danes basics — a plain crewneck t-shirt, with a flannel button-up layered over top. (Because even though he's not wearing flannel in this first episode, he wears in it almost every episode after this.) Luke's never complete without a navy baseball cap he wears backwards, and toss a hand towel over your shoulder for maximum Luke's Diner appeal, because Luke's always prepared to clean up a mess.


Festival Luke & Lorelai

Pink Floral Dress, $25, Amazon | Flower Crown, $14, Amazon

Who could forget Liz and TJ's wedding, when Luke surprises everyone by asking Lorelai to dance. For Lorelai's medieval wedding number, you'll need a flowy pink floral dress and a flower crown to complete your look.

Men's Suit, $80, Amazon | White Oxford, $17, Amazon | Burgundy Tie, $7, Amazon

Luke's out of his traditional uniform in this episode, for his sister Liz's sake, wearing a traditional men's suit, a white oxford, and a burgundy tie.


Gazebo Luke & Lorelai

Boot Cut Jeans, $40, H&M | Black Leather Boots, $20, Zoo Shoo | Black Turtleneck, $16, Amazon | Sherpa-Lined Corduroy Jacket, $30, Oasap

Ah, the gazebo. Home to so many epic scenes during the life of the Gilmore girls.

For Lorelai's gazebo look, start with a pair of boot cut jeans, a Lorelai classic. A pair of very-Lorelai black leather boots, a black turtleneck, and a sherpa-lined corduroy jacket.

Baseball Cap, $6, New Chic | White Crewneck, $8, Amazon | Flannel Shirt, $30, Uniqlo | Jeans, $60, Lands End | Work Boots, $30, George | Weather Breaker Jacket, $160, Orvis

Luke, of course, needs his trusty baseball cap, a plain white crewneck to wear beneath his beloved flannel shirt, a pair of plain men's jeans, a set of work boots, because you never know when Luke's going to ditch the diner to help Lorelai with some crazy project at her house, and a classic weather breaker jacket, because it's a little nippy outside.


First Kiss Luke & Lorelai

Plaid Skirt, $20, Pink Queen | V-Neck Sweater, $19, Amazon | Large Silver Brooch, $10, Amazon

The first kiss. Ah, the first kiss. If you and your partner in crime for the evening want to spend the whole night making out, I highly suggest this Luke and Lorelai number.

At the Dragonfly Inn, Lorelai likes to dress up a little. In a plaid skirt and a v-neck sweater is how she'll always remember her first kiss with Luke. And don't forget that questionable large silver brooch.

Classic Chinos, $50, Hollister | Crewneck Sweater, $18, Macy's

As for Luke, he's in prime date material when he first kisses Lorelai. Even though they've gone through a tumultuous evening with Digger Styles, Luke still manages to play the part of the gentleman in a pair of classic chinos and a crewneck sweater. And you'll note, no baseball cap.


Diner Luke & Laundry-Day Lorelai

Cut-Off Shorts, $9, Amazon | Pink Tie-Dye T-Shirt, $14, Amazon | Cowboy Boots, $58, Amazon

Rory's first day at Chilton just so happened to be laundry day at the Gilmore house. No problem for Rory, of course, since she had her uniform ready to go. But Lorelai on the other hand, had a little bit of last minute outfit tweaking to do.

With a pair of cut-off shorts, a pink tie-dye t-shirt, and some cowboy boots, Lorelai marched into Luke's diner and demanded some coffee after having to drop Rory off at her first day in a rodeo outfit. (Laundry day, man. Laundry day.)

Flannel Shirt, $48, JCrew | Crewneck T-Shirt, $13, Amazon | Baseball Cap, $8, New Chic | Coffee Pot, $16, Target

Luke's sporting his classic Luke's Diner get up, a flannel shirt, a crewneck t-shirt underneath, a baseball cap, and of course, he's always got that coffee pot in hand when Lorelai's around, doesn't he?