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5 Lazy Dog Breeds Who Will Join You for an Afternoon Nap

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If you're prone to afternoon naps, it's important to look for a lazy dog breed that fits your personality. Big, small, hyper, or chill, there's a dog breed for every type of person. If you're a marathon runner with a penchant for outdoor sports like hiking and swimming laps every weekend, then this post may not be for you. If you're currently looking for a dog, it's important to note that finding a dog that matches your personality is crucial, and if you consider yourself a more laid back person, well, there are plenty of low-maintenance dog breeds to choose from. Many dogs are perfectly happy to spend the afternoon snoozing away, and equally capable of giving major side-eye when they see their owner heading for the door with a leash. Jog in the park? I don't think so, buddy.

Whether it's because of their general size, length of legs or simply their genetic makeup, here are five lazy dog breeds who may not be the fastest and most energetic animals, but will more than make up for it with the love and affection they'll offer you. Adoration and comfy nap partners come in all shapes, sizes and energy levels, right? Say hello to these precious low-energy dog breeds. Which one do you like best?


English Bulldog

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There's no mistaking a bulldog when you see one. Popular with city dwellers, the English Bulldog is affectionate and low energy, according to the AKC. If you're looking for a running partner, this is not the breed for you. While they enjoy brisk walks and need moderate exercise to stay trim, they'll be more than willing to join you for an afternoon nap on the couch. Though keep one factor in mind when it comes to dozing off: they tend to snore and wheeze in their sleep.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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One of the largest of the Toy breeds, and often used as a therapy dog, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is gentle and affectionate, the AKC noted. Known for the gentle, melting expression on their face, they have a tendency to blend in easily with their owner's routine, whatever that may be. Short walks and light exercise are perfect for this breed, followed by a nice snooze fest indoors (usually at your feet, as they prefer not to be left alone for long periods of time).


Basset Hound

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Let's be real, if a Basset Hound tried to run fast, he would likely trip over his long adorable ears. That being said, they do enjoy going for walks and light exercise, and if they pick up an interesting scent along the way, well, you may have an adventure on your hands. This sturdy, sweet and non-confrontational breed is known for its long ears and short legs, and is a wonderful playmate for children, AKC suggested. While they hate to be left alone (and may utter their trademark howl if alone for too long), a more loyal dog would be hard to find.



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The National Dog of Cuba (named after the city of Havana), has a laid back personality and is happy to spend time indoors. A cousin of the Bichon Frise, Havanese are gentle with children and other animals and are perfectly happy with slow-paced walks and some playtime, according to the AKC. This breed thrives on human companionship and does not like to be left alone, so the amount of time you spend at home is an important factor when considering this breed.


Clumber Spaniel

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Largest of all the Spaniels, if you are looking for both a gentle, low-energy pup and a breed that's more uncommon, look no further than the Clumber Spaniel. This breed has true couch potato instincts, as they enjoy lazy time sleeping indoors (though are perfectly willing to play fetch, too). Followed by a nap, of course.

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