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Here Are 5 Theories About Malivore That Will Make You Rethink Everything

From dragons to parasitic unicorns, Malivore is unleashing some of its best monsters on the Salvatore School, and keeps getting closer to unleashing the darkness it has imprisoned within. The magical void — which is managed by a shady agency — is connected to Landon, but its hold on him is still a mystery. Fans are piecing together clues to come up with their own Legacies theories on Malivore that could explain a lot.

So far, all fans really know about Malivore is from what Seylah and the Necromancer have told Hope and Alaric. In Episode 7, the Necromance tells Hope that Malivore was “created to wipe the scourge of the supernatural” off of the Earth completely. “Malivore consumed us, erased us,” he tells her. “It was permanent death and it was in Malivore that we were left to perish, until recently, when the knife started beckoning us to bring it home.” He also tells Hope that Malivore was shut by “three locks” created to seal it — the knife being one of them — and that when all three locks are destroyed, Malivore will free the evil creatures it's imprisoned.

In Episode 8, Landon’s mom, Seylah tells Alaric (who later tells Hope) that she was once charged with sending supernaturals to Malivore, but ended up there herself. She told him that she ended up in Malivore herself, and while she just remembers it as a black void, she somehow came out of Malivore pregnant with Landon.

So is Landon’s biological dad a Malivore creature? What’s the deal with this agency that is in charge of it? Here are some of the coolest Malivore theories fans have come up with so far:

How The Three Keys Were Created

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The Necromancer told Hope about the three keys keeping Malivore shut, but he didn’t say who sealed it. Reddit user, supermarioprose, thinks that the three main supernaturals — vampires, witches, and werewolves — each made a key to keep other magical beings away. “So a witch, a werewolf and a vampire all use their blood or other ritual hijinks to work together and create a supa powerful lock to keep most other magic creatures locked up and forgotten, and each make one of the keys or something,” wrote the user. “The reason Hope can remember is she is all three, which they wouldn't have anticipated ever occurring whilst making the locks.”

It Has Something To Do With The Merge

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Fans now know that LIzzie and Josie are twins born of the Gemini Coven, and when they turn 22, they are fated to “Merge” and may try to kill each other to siphon the other’s power. One Redditor, tharbedragons69, thinks that the siphoning nature of The Merge and the Gemini Coven Twins may be related. “I think the Gemini Coven will be interconnected to the origins of this Malivore place,” they wrote. “There's far too much narrative significance to a place that eats, absorbs, or takes in supernatural creatures and a ritual connected to two of the main characters who eat, absorb, and take in supernatural magic and must eventually absorb each other, or die. What if the threat that spawned the original Twin Merge is this Malivore place?”

Landon Is The Last Key

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Fans already know that the enchanted knife was the first key, and that the Egyptian urn is the second, but what about the third? Reddit user, VideoNovah, theorized that Seylah may have jumped back into Malivore because she knows that Landon is the last key. “She probably believes that she could be used against Landon because (maybe) she knows what he is, and he’s possibly the last key to Malivore, think Harry Potter with the horcrux deal,” wrote the user.“So basically she jumps into the pit and possibly tries to talk to the main leader/main guy who is sending the monsters out trying to grab the keys/Landon which would unlock the main big bad of Season 2 somehow.”

Landon’s Dad Created Malivore

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Seylah told Alaric that she became pregnant while she was in Malivore, but that she didn’t know who Landon’s father is. Redditor, bry7anst wrote that they think the creator of Malivore is Landon’s dad, and he’s using Landon as a beacon. “It seems like whoever controls Malivore, could've also created the keys that locks it up,” wrote the user. “And the same person is orchestrating the keys return(ex. monsters), so that Malivore can be released. Maybe Landon is the offspring of this individual.”

The Guy In Charge of Malivore Is A Supernatural

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There’s not much known about the agency controlling Malivore, and the man in charge — played by actor Nick Fink — hasn’t revealed any details about his motives. Reddit user, mellybee222 thinks that he might just be a hybrid. “We still don’t have a name for Nick Fink’s character, but he’s clearly a vampire, at a minimum, or some type of hybrid.,” wrote the user. “I didn’t see him wearing a daylight ring — Unless he’s a hybrid that doesn't require a ring. It was also curious that he asked for an object that belonged to Landon; maybe he’s part witch?”

Hopefully, as the season progresses, fans will finally learn the truth about Malivore and its origins, and exactly what kind of connection or hold it has over Landon.

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