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5 Little Ways Oral Sex Makes Your Life Better

In the days of yore, oral sex was considered a kink. That's right, going down on a guy or a girl was considered something out of the ordinary in decades past. In my experience, and the experience of others, that standard no longer holds true. Oral is considered low on the kinky sex scale, as it's become fairly standard fare for intimate relationships over the past few years. Why do you think that is? I'm convinced it's because there are a some subtle, little ways oral sex makes your life better. From more orgasms, to increased connection, to making your partner feel like you're dedicated to pleasuring them, oral sex has all kinds of benefits.

When it comes down to it, whether or not you like performing oral sex is a personal preference. The same goes for receiving oral sex. Yes, there are people who don't enjoy receiving oral sex. And there's nothing wrong that! There's nothing wrong with not enjoying a certain sex act. Personal preference is personal preference, and your sexual relationship with your partner is yours and yours alone. However, if you do like oral sex, read on for the benefits you're receiving — whether you're giving or receiving.


It Increases Intimacy

One of the best things about oral sex is the feeling of intimacy it brings for both partners. You want to put your mouth where? There's a feeling of security and intimacy when you connect with your partner in sexual ways that don't include penetration. The attention and care that oral, especially good oral, takes, is intimate as hell.


It's Perfect For Foreplay

Using oral sex as foreplay can guarantee that you're both ready for the main event. It often takes women longer to reach a state of arousal, and cunnilingus can be the perfect way to prepare a woman for sex. According to Dr. Laura Berman, women can take up to 20 minutes to reach their arousal peak. What better way to spend those 20 minutes than by going down on her?


It Provides Variety

If you're used to all missionary, all the time, oral sex can be a way to shake things up for you and your partner. Whether you're new to the act or a seasoned professional, like any other sexual experience, practice makes perfect. Try adding oral into your sexual repertoire to spice up your next encounter.


It Extends The Pleasure

The penetration part of sex only lasts so long, right? During intercourse, it often takes women longer to reach climax than it does men. Extend the pleasure for the female by performing oral sex on her to heighten her pleasure, and make it last longer. Performing oral sex before penetration also increases your chances of simultaneous orgasms. Bonus.


It Promotes Body Appreciation

The view from between someone's legs gives you the opportunity to truly appreciate the human body. From each curve, each muscle, each expanse of skin, you're given the chance to appreciate and praise your partner's form. Take your time exploring the wonders of oral, keep up the good work, and you'll continue to find all the little ways oral sex makes your life better.