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If You're Trying To Conceive, These 5 Lubricants Are All Safe & Slippery Options

Friends, today's topic might make some of you uncomfortable. We're talking about lube. Yup, that's right: lube. I'm going to use the word a lot, so just go ahead and get used to it now. Lube, lube, lube. It's slippery, sometimes sticky, and is also one of the best inventions for enhancing sexual pleasure. But not all lubricants are created equal, particularly when you're trying to make a baby. So which are the safest lubricants to use when you're trying to conceive?

I'll be honest, I didn't use any lubrication in the conception of my offspring, so I didn't realize that some lubes aren't recommended for baby-making purposes. That's due to how some ingredients in them (such as petroleum, propylene glycol and nonoxynol-9) might interfere with the mobility of sperm, Dr. Jessica Shepherd, OB/GYN and women's health expert, tells Romper in an email.

Still, Dr. Shepherd wants to make sure couples don't shy away from using lube "because they think that lube will either decrease the chances of getting pregnant or that it is a problem if a woman needs lube during intercourse." It's all about finding one that doesn't interfere with those little swimmers, and thankfully she says that lube has made great strides in this regard.

So, whether it's your first lube rodeo (ooh, a lube rodeo, that sounds fun!) or not, you can use the five lubricants below during all your efforts to conceive. I'm cheering you, and those sperm, along the entire way.


Pre-Seed™ Fertility Friendly Lubricant

Created by the makers of First Response pregnancy tests (how's that for synergy?), this lubricant was specifically created for couples trying to conceive. As per the product description, "The Pre-Seed patented formula mimics your own fertile fluids so sperm can swim freely." It also has more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.2 stars. That's a lot of baby-making!



Shine lube is, according to Maude's website, "Made with moisturizing aloe, our 100% natural lubricant is organic and ultra-hydrating." It's also free from glycerin and parabens, and has many glowing (see what I did there?) reviews on the website.


Conceive Plus Fertility-Friendly Personal Lubricant

Conceive Plus is FDA cleared and, as claimed on the company's website, "the only lubricant that contains essential Calcium and Magnesium Ions to support the fertilization process." I'm not entirely sure what that means, but if it helps get you pregnant, I'm all for it.



New to the market, Romp (such a great name) is free from harmful chemicals, petroleum, hormones, fragrances, and dyes, according to Lark's website. It's created to feel like your body's own moisture and is also vegan and not tested on animals. Bonus points!


BabyDance Fertility Lubricant

Made without parabens and also cleared by the FDA, a box of BabyDance comes with six sets of single use tubes and applicators. Reviewers note it has a floral scent, so if you have a sensitive nose that's something to keep in mind.

It's worth noting that if you already have a lube you love that isn't on this list, just be sure to check with your healthcare professional to make certain it doesn't contain ingredients that could hinder conception. Lube for everyone!