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5 Male Grooming Habits Women Should Actually Be Doing Too

by Lindsay E. Mack

If you want to consider some new hair and skincare techniques, just take a note or two from the dudes. There are a few male grooming techniques females can also use, even if trying them out may feel a bit unconventional. Honestly, though, the shaving tips alone are worthwhile.

To be honest, I've always found the male grooming rituals a bit intriguing. There's something calming about a guy going about the daily face shave, from the first splash of hot tap water to the final spritz of aftershave. It's a little reminder that everyone likes a moment to chill and pamper themselves during the day.

Moreover, though, a lot of these tips are just cool because they work. So to learn more about these grooming tips borrowed from the boys, Romper spoke with a health and wellness expert, a celebrity aesthetician, and even a rep from one of Europe's most famous makeup schools. When it comes to skin and hair health, these people know what's best. In general, some little tweaks to your beauty routine can have big benefits for your overall hair and skincare. Read on to learn more about the beauty rituals that are actually pretty great for all humans.


Regular Haircuts

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Consider visiting the hair salon more often. "Many women avoid going to the hairdressers to prevent getting their long-awaited long locks lopped off," says Murat Evin of The London School of Make-Up. "However, women should take the same approach to hairdressing that men tend to, getting it cut regularly and often to maintain hair growth and keep each and every inch of your hair in good condition." It's one way to get ahead of those split ends.


Shaving Prep

Don't just hop in the shower and start wielding the razor. "Without using moisturising balms and lotions both before and after shaving, you’re opening yourself up to dry and flaky skin, razor burn and even cuts and nicks in your skin, leading to scarring," says Evin. "So, take a leaf out of a guy’s book and invest in a moisturising aftershave balm to help your razor slide and cut past the hairs you're targeting." Plus, a good shaving lotion makes the whole experience more pleasant.


Short Showers

Brief showers may be best for your skin. "Ever notice how men take a lot less time in the shower than women? You can put that down to hair length and a difference in general cleaning habits, but there’s something to be said for keeping your shower length on the shorter side," says Caleb Backe, a certified health & wellness expert for Maple Holistics. "Long, hot showers can strip your skin and hair of their natural oils, which can take its toll in the long run." Save some time and water by showering quickly.


Face Shaving


Seriously, just give it a try if you're curious. "Some male grooming activities females can incorporate into their beauty routines are . . . shaving your face and the back and side of the neck or what we call 'dermaplaning,'" says celebrity aesthetician Dr. Maribel Pedrozo. It helps remove dead skin cells and leaves your complexion super smooth.


Unisex Colognes

Experiment with different scents. Trying out unisex colognes or soaps when bathing can be another fun way to modify your grooming routine, as Dr. Pedrozo explains. There are tons of cool unisex fragrances you can try out, as noted in Bustle. Whether you choose to switch up scents or take a little more care when shaving, these grooming habits are great for males and females alike.