5 Moms Tell Us What They Wish They Knew About Preparing For Their Baby


Let's be totally real for a minute: One of the most awesome benefits of having a baby (other than, you know, creating a life) is all of the free stuff people gift you. Adorable toys, piles of hand-me-down clothes, Target gift cards... it's all helpful, and it's all appreciated. But there are also less-glamorous experiences that come along with preparing to have a baby, one of which is how overwhelming it can be to put a registry together — especially if you're a first-time mom. The second you click over to the baby section of your favorite retailer's website, you suddenly realize how little you know about diaper changes, feedings, and what your baby's first year is going to look like. But don't stress, because you're not alone, and it's totally normal if you're suddenly feeling a bit unprepared.

To help ease some of the stress around getting ready for your baby's arrival, we partnered with Pampers to talk to new moms about what they wish they knew when they were in your shoes. We paired their great advice with helpful products to add to your Target baby registry — which, by the way, is a universal registry that allows you to register for items from other sites, and offers a 15 percent completion discount. Gain a little extra confidence below, then make sure your registry is stocked with these brilliant recommendations.

Breastfeeding Pillows Are Your Best Friends!

Courtesy of Katherine Braham
"Looking back, I'm so glad I registered for the Boppy pillow — we used it for so many things! In addition to nursing, everyone who came to visit us in the hospital and at home the first few weeks used it for support when holding my newborn son. Then when my second child was born, it was perfect to help my oldest hold his little brother. When the boys got a little older, we used it to help them prop up, and when they were starting to sit but still a but wobbly, we used it again. It lasted through two children with constant use." —Katherine, 38

Make feedings more comfortable by registering for:

Think Beyond The First Few Months

Courtesy of Kathleen
“I really wish that I’d thought more about what I’d need during the first year, instead of just what I’d need during my son’s newborn phase. When I was putting together a baby registry, I definitely registered for some newborn size and size 1 diapers, but my son outgrew them by the time he turned three months old, making the rest of my stash useless. Looking back, I would have registered for some size 2 and 3 diapers as well to make sure I was prepared when I noticed my son was transitioning sizes.” Kathleen, 28

Thankfully, Target's baby registry auto-fills Pampers diapers for you — just make sure you're adding in a few extra sizes for those transitional phases:

"Most Expensive" Doesn’t Always Mean "Best"

Courtesy of Clare Brown
“I was so focused on my fancy stroller I didn't register for a nice, foldable stroller for traveling. That was such a rookie mistake!” Clare, 32

Be ready to take you baby anywhere, anytime by registering for:

Hand Pumps Are A Thing Of The Past

Courtesy of Julia Flath
“Before the baby, I thought I wouldn't need to get an electric breast pump until I was getting ready to go back to work. I didn't even research pumps and just got a simple hand pump. However, my daughter had trouble nursing as a newborn, so I actually needed to pump milk right away to build my breast milk supply. I had to pump several times a day for her first month, and the hand pump doesn't cut it for that. Luckily, I was able to get an electric pump quickly from a pharmacy near me, but it definitely would have been less stressful if I already had one on hand! I later got a second one to keep at work, and wish I had gotten that sooner, too, since I spent months carrying it back and forth between home and work.” Julia, 33

If you're planning on breastfeeding, try registering for:

Babies Get Fevers — Be Prepared

Courtesy of Lindsay Dellett
“I wish I had gotten a temporal thermometer from the beginning. I didn't realize how frequently — and early on — I would be checking temperatures. It’s so much easier than a traditional one, and much faster for easing paranoids parents' minds late at night.” Lindsay, 33

Make baby's first fever easier by registering for:

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