5 Money-Saving Browser Extensions That Make Online Shopping Even More Fun

by Lindsay E. Mack

Trying to save money can be a boring, monotonous activity. Luckily we live in a day and age when you can put technology to work for you, and these money-saving browser apps can make sticking to a budget easier than ever. With these apps, staying frugal can be as simple as a download.

For the most part, these awesome browser extensions do the couponing and deal-finding work for you automatically. You don't have to remember to do a separate search for relevant coupons whenever you buy something online. (If you're anything like me, you only remember to look for any exrta deals several minutes after hitting the buy button, anyway.) These apps monitor every sale, Groupon deal, and rebate relevant to your purchases, whether you're buying clothes or groceries. And because these apps are relatively affordable, if not outright free, they won't strain your budget at all.

And hey, if you're a money-saving coupon addict, you're in good company. Most of these apps have downloads that number in the millions. Unsurprisingly, many major companies are more than happy to share their discount info to attract the attention of these budget-savvy shoppers. Read on to learn how this category of apps can save you and your family some big bucks overall.



Let someone else do all the couponing work for you. This site finds discounts, promo codes, and rebates instantly. Simply find your favorite stores via the Ebates site or download the browser extension and you can earn cash back on the purchases you were going to make anyway. The offerings are always changing, and you can earn up to 15 percent back on your purchase (you'll get money via check or PayPay following your purchase). They even have a BOGO page so you can filter out the best deals right away. If you already do a lot of your shopping online (and who doesn't these days?), then it's an awesome extension to have.



This is another browser extension that automatically searches out the best deals on your behalf. It's perfect for people who can never remember to keep up with coupons. A free browser extension, Honey scours the web and to locate and apply the best coupons for your purchase automatically. Once you download the extension, just shop as you usually would and you'll see a pop up from Honey alerting you that they've found some coupons around the web. With almost 8 million users, it's a wildly popular service.


Amazon Assistant Plugin

Amazon fanatics everywhere use this little assistant to get every deal the site offers. Amazon's official browser extension, the Amazon Assistant can be used on browsers such as Chrome to compare products and get deal notifications.


RetailMeNot's Genie Browser Extension

Facilitating over $4.8 billion in global sales in 2017 alone, RetailMeNot is an absolute powerhouse of a money-saving app, according to its official website. And its popularity is no surprise. Everything from gift card deals to promo codes and coupons are offered instantly for thousands of brands and specific stores. When shopping on your desktop computer, use the free Genie browser extension from RetailMeNot to automatically locate and apply codes and offers within seconds.


Invisible Hand

The money-saving app with the best name of all, Invisible Hand finds the lowest price on whatever item you're buying and gently alerts you. It stays out of the way until it finds in item you're interested in, and it offers real-time price checks.

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