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5 Natalie & James Showmance Videos On 'Big Brother 18' That Are Too Adorable For Words

Big Brother 18 is now in full swing and the showmances are in full bloom. There's Nicole and Corey (#Nicorey), Zakiyah and Paulie (#Zaulie), and now Natalie and James (#Jatalie). From the beginning, James was pegged as a bit of a flirt on the show, but now he only has eyes for Natalie and the feeling seems to be mutual. These two are very playful with each other and super cute. James joins Natalie and a few of the other girls for "Girl Talk", and James and Natalie even enjoy spooning together. Natalie and James videos from Big Brother 18 prove just how adorable they are. And while the two aren't always attached at the hip but there's no doubt they definitely have a light-hearted showmance going on.

If you don't watch the live feeds, you may be a bit confused. There hasn't been a lot of action between them on air just yet but thank God for social media. Without access to live feeds you can still see plenty of Natalie/James action all over Twitter and YouTube. Big Brother fans everywhere are totally shipping these two and it'd be surprising if they don't get together at some point during this summer. Check out these adorable videos of Natalie and James and just try not to fall in love with them. It's impossible.

Natalie Admits James Is Her Type

Anyone that thinks this showmance is one-sided is highly mistaken. Natalie's definitely into it.

James Makes Natalie Giggle

The way to Natalie's heart is clearly through pranks, jokes, and spooning. James for the win.

This Adorable Interaction

So. Freaking. Cute!

They're Soulmates

In this short clip, James points out that he and Natalie have matching palms, which means they're soulmates. It's meant to be!

They're So Playful With Each Other

These two have such a good time together, it's hard not to smile and laugh watching them. Adorable!