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5 New iOS 10 Features You Need To Know About Right Now

So you didn't snag a new iPhone 7 — that's OK! Your phone still deserves an update and maybe, just maybe, these new feature will help it feel shiny and new. Sometimes, though, iPhone updates are a bit behind-the-times. Remember, it took until iOS 8 for Apple to understand the sheer necessity of playing a Youtube video while texting. Luckily, this time around, there are so many new iOS 10 features you need to know about that have been a long time coming, you'll want to dive right in.

Before you rush to download iOS 10, though, make sure that you follow a few precautionary steps. First, back up your iPhone. Whether it be to your iCloud account or through iTunes, make sure that you have everything saved on the off-chance that something goes wrong. Then, go ahead and download the software update under your phone's General Settings.

Some people are reporting that iOS 10 isn't working properly due to installation errors. Users have had better success downloading iOs 10 on iTunes so if you're near a laptop, that might be the way to go. These issues will likely be resolved as Apple addresses all the reported iOS 10 concerns, but the best course of action might be to wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, you have some new features to look forward to:

1. You Can Delete Built-In Apps

You read that right: Bye Stocks! Bye iBooks! Compass, Reminders, and Voice Memos can go, too! I'd recommend keeping FaceTime, Mail, Maps, Weather, and some others, but if they don't match your home screen's "#aesthetic," feel free to ditch 'em.

2. A Trickier Lock-Screen

If you merely touch your phone, the screen turns on. (Ooh, Ahhh.) Our faithful "Slide to Unlock" is gone—now just press the Home button or use TouchID to get to your Home screen. Also, you now swipe left on your Lock Screen —not up—to go straight to your Camera.

3. New Notifications, Modern Messages

You can reply to a text, e-mail, or respond to an app without actually opening the app. Just tap on the notification when prompted and your action will go through. Also, Messages now integrates gifs, maps, and other features, making it even more dynamic and indispensable.

4. P.C. Emojis

With a newly flattened-out design, there are now emoji athletes of both genders, single-parent families, and a rainbow flag. Oh, and the gun emoji was replaced by a water gun. Better safe then sorry!

5. Apple Photos Knows Your Face

Apple Photos will now catalogue all the pics you take, categorizing them by location and by face. Looks like your phone's gonna be able to recognize your bestie pretty accurately, making Facebook birthday collages even easier to collate.

The times they are a changin', and you're phone's sure to change along with them. Back your phone up tonight but wait until tomorrow to snag new emojis, a streamlined Lock Screen, and integrated Messaging. It's not quite an iPhone 7, but it's basically the next best thing.