These 'SNL' New Year's Eve Skits Will Have You Laughing Till Next Year

With 44 seasons under its belt, Saturday Night Live has gifted the world with skits and catchphrases to reflect almost any event or experience. Now that Christmas is over, you may be looking for SNL sketches to talk about or quote at your year end celebrations. Well you’re in luck, because I’ve put together a list of the 5 best New Year’s Eve skits on SNL.

With decades of memorable sketches and original characters, the show has inspired generations of viewers to find the funny moments in life and smile, even in the most serious situations. As a huge SNL fan myself, I often find myself quoting characters and doing impressions to give my friends and family a laugh, especially around the holidays.

There have been plenty of great Halloween and Christmas sketches over the years that you might remember, but if you’re looking for a skit that prompts some New Year’s Eve laughs, here are five sketches and digital shorts that will leave you in stitches.


Resolution Revolution

In this digital short from 2014, Drake, Jay Pharoah, Taran Killam and Sasheer Zamata sing about their extremely short lived New Year’s resolutions. While Killam sings about his resolution to quit eating junk food, and just before stopping mid sentence to have a drink at a bar, Drake vows to never sip alcohol again. With Zamata's "resolution revolution" hook and Drake rapping, the song is pretty catchy, and after just one watch, you might find yourself singing it at your own New Year’s Eve celebrations.


Originally cut for time, "New Year’s Kiss" is an SNL digital short featuring Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney. Bennett plays a guy who hopes to get a midnight kiss from a girl he likes, but has an awfully hard time catching up to his party-bouncing friends. At one point, he finds himself climbing into sewers and into a white void to find the elusive hang out spots his friends are partying at.


Best Friends

“Best Friends” is a digital short featuring Andy Samberg, Katy Perry, Matt Damon, and Val Kilmer that starts out as a friendly song about two buddies celebrating the Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve together. The “two best friends” are nice enough to invite some homeless friends into the fold, which turns their sweet celebration into a shady one. Eventually, they end up going through a time machine to bring back famous people like Marilyn Monroe and Abraham Lincoln.


Drunk Uncle on New Year's Resolutions

One of Bobby Moynihan’s most memorable characters was Drunk Uncle, who was often featured during the Weekend Update segment. In this skit, Drunk Uncle hilariously discusses his plans for the New Year, which include watching “the Vikings game, Gloria, and that’s final.” He also discusses the value of money, his new gun, and how his phone isn't smart enough to get him a driver's license.


Three Cowboy's New Years Eve Resolutions

In this skit form 1992, Rob Morrow, Dana Carvey, and Phil Hartman are three Cowboy's singing about their New Years resolutions in hopes to be better cowboys. Their hilarious resolutions include drinking less, eating better, and not molesting cattle.

These hilarious SNL New Year’s Eve skits, should give you plenty of inspiration to ring in the new year with smiles and laughter. And if you're looking for more skits, you can access SNL's full database of sketches at NBC.com or through the SNL mobile app.


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