5 Non-Toxic, Safe Halloween Hair Dye For Kids That Still Looks Amazing


With Halloween only a few short weeks away, your whole family is probably buzzing with ideas for potential costumes. From rounding up DIY pieces, running from store to store trying to find the lowest prices, and putting together every minute detail of each costume, Halloween can be as exhausting as it is exhilarating. Some costumes need more than just a store bought suit to make it all come together (accuracy is key, as any Halloween enthusiast knows) and adding some non-toxic, safe Halloween hair dye for kids to your list will complete everyone's looks from head to toe.

Although the thought of dying your child's hair for the sake of their costume might seem a bit overly ambitious, Halloween only comes once a year. And no matter the costume, "go big or go home" seems like a fitting motto to apply. The great thing about these dyes is that they're all made with ingredients that are safe for kids. Most of them will wash out with soap, and a few can last for a few weeks.

Whichever route you decide to go, you can rest easy knowing that your child's luscious locks are safe from toxins and chemicals and that their costume is on point.

1. Pure Poppet Natural Hair Color Packs

If you're looking for a safe, washable hair dye that you can simply brush on to your child's hair, Pure Poppet Natural Hair Color Packs ($20) will be your new go-to, for Halloween and beyond.

2. Kiss Naturals DIY Hair Chalk Making Kit

Using mica, a naturally occurring mineral, Fundamentals Toys Kiss Naturals DIY Hair Chalk Making Kit ($20) is another great option for temporary hair dye.

3. Good 'Ol Kool Aid

Regardless of whether or not Kool Aid ($.99) is the healthiest drink, it's a great option for temporarily dying hair. It washes out after a few days, so it would be great for Halloween.

4. Wild Streaks Henna Temporary Hair Tint

Using plant based ingredients like henna, hibiscus, rose and more, Wild Streaks Henna Temporary Hair Tint ($10) is great for all ages. Be cautioned though, it gradually fades out over a few weeks.

5. Clip In Extensions

For the least invasive route possible, opt for clip in extensions ($6) or a wig for your kid's costume.