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5 Of Lorelai Gilmore's Best Pieces Of Advice That Everyone Should Live By

Part of what made Lorelai Gilmore such a beloved character was that she was an essentially flawed one. While she cared deeply about her friends and neighbors, she could also be almost painfully narcissistic and self-righteous to a fault. Perhaps it is even because of these flaws that Lorelai is so believable when she starts throwing down truth bombs, be that helping her daughter decide what college to attend, or convincing Sherry to stop working just long enough to give birth. It will be truly fascinating to see how Lorelai has grown as a character in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and I can't wait to see what kind of wisdom she's gained in the past nine odd years. In honor of this, therefore, I have assembled five of Lorelai Gilmore's best pieces of advice.

Lorelai was the mom everybody secretly wished they'd had. She could fail to thrive in a household where one's cultural knowledge was far more important than eating vegetables. And by cultural knowledge I mean an appreciation for things like Grey Gardens and The GoGos. Yes, Lorelai was flawed and sometimes completely wrong about something, but a lot of the time she actually had the very best advice.

1. Wallowing Is An Important Step Of A Break Up

When Rory broke up with Dean for the first time, all Rory wanted to do was to be busy and keep her mind off of it. Lorelai suggested rather than avoiding it, Rory should take some time to really wallow in her misery, and let the whole thing sink in. At least for a day.

2. Sometimes It Feels Good To Be Bad

Who could forget when Lorelai convinced her mother to wear lipstick named "Vicious Trollope" and later steal a bathrobe from the fancy spa where they were staying. Sometimes, it feels good to break the rules.

3. Compromise Is Sometimes Overrated

As Lorelai told Luke way back in Season 1, she usually gets what she wants. In fact, she's really good at figuring out a way to get exactly what she wants without giving up anything. Except when it comes to her mother, that is.

4. Vegetables Are Definitely Overrated

Those green things? Who needs them, actually? A diet of sugar, starch, melted cheese, and caffeine should be quite enough for anyone, thank you.

5. There's An Extremely Fine Line Between High Brow & Low Brow

Lorelai's appreciation for movies, books, music, and art in general is proletarian, to say the least, and does not discriminate between the classics and the absolutely silly. Much like her eating habits. Lorelai can enjoy a beautiful meal cooked by Sookie and a warm Pop-Tarts in equal measure. These are the things we'll take from her for years to come.