5 Baby Carriers & Slings To Help With Back Pain

Motherhood can be a pain in the back — literally. It's no secret that back pain is a common setback for moms who often have to carry their babies around for most of the day. Although supporters claim that baby slings and carriers should relieve some of the pressure placed on a mother's back, certain carriers can make matters even worse. Luckily, there are several baby carriers and slings for moms with back pain that are specifically designed to spread out the pressure from carrying your baby, instead of localizing it all on your lower back or shoulders.

According to Today's Parent, ring slings are especially bad for moms who suffer from back pain, despite their popularity, and may increase the likelihood of experiencing it. Similarly, slings or carriers that have especially thin straps or not much support for baby or mother are prone to increasing back issues.

Despite the many benefits that wearing your baby can hold for both moms and babies (is anyone else a fan of using two hands at a time?) many moms get discouraged that they can't do so comfortably without back pain. However, moms with back issues don't need to steer clear of babywearing altogether, with these baby carriers specifically designed with your back in mind.


Ergo Baby Bundle Of Joy Carrier

Ergo Baby Bundle of Joy Carrier, $180, Amazon

According to We Have Kids, soft structured carriers are ideal for moms with back pain because they're gentle on your body and easier to wear for longer periods of time. The Bundle Of Joy carrier from Ergo Baby is especially good for back pain with its thick bottom strap and ability to be worn multiple ways as your baby grows.


Boba Baby Carrier Or Wrap

Boba Baby Carrier, $125, Amazon; Boba Baby Wrap, $40, Amazon

According to reviews, many moms enjoyed the Boba Baby Carrier with absolutely no back or neck pain. The Boba Baby Wrap is an even more versatile option that is just as comfortable and supportive as the carrier.


Moby Wrap

Moby Wrap Classic, $50, Amazon

According to customer reviews from the Moby Wrap website, using Moby's wraps evenly distributed their baby's weight and eliminated back pain. The Classic Wrap can easily be used for newborns and older babies and easily fits parents of all sizes.


NimNik Baby Sling Hipseat Carrier

NimNik Child Carrier, $50, NimNik

According to the website, the NimNik child carrier is designed to evenly displace your baby (or toddler's) weight, minimizing back and lumbar pain.


Ergonomic Mother Nest Baby Carrier

Ergonomic Mother Nest Baby Carrier, $36, Amazon

The ergonomic baby carrier from Mother's Nest on Amazon is designed with wide back and shoulder straps to evenly distribute weight. It can easily hold up to 33 pounds, and can be moved from front to back.