5 Over-The-Top Elf On The Shelf Ideas That They'll Remember Forever

Whether you're a mom of toddlers, preteens, or full on teenagers, chances are you've heard of Elf on the Shelf and probably even have one in your home. Sure there are some moms who don't want to add one more responsibility to the Christmas to-do list, but for those who enjoy setting the scout elf up every night, the ideas are truly endless for any age group, even for adults. If you're interested in stepping up your elf game this holiday season, take note of these impressive Elf on the Shelf ideas that will go down in family history.

Every year, I truly look forward to coming up with creative ways to position our elf, Alpha Michelle (iPhone's autocorrect for a voice text of me saying "Elf on the Shelf"). The truth is, however, with everything else going on around the house and with family in town, I don't always get the chance to strategize my elf game far enough in advance to really knock it out of the park. And I absolutely despise repeating the same ideas over and over again. Needless to say, I'm constantly on the hunt for creative Elf on the Shelf ideas that my kids will tell all their friends about, and this list showcases some pretty impressive ideas, but not all of them require a shopping spree at the craft store, or to be mapped out way in advance.

In order to make sure you, too, have plenty of fresh and creative ideas this year, take note from some of these impressive Elf on the Shelf ideas that others have come up with from Christmases past. And now that we've put Thanksgiving to bed, the timing couldn't be better.


Hot Air Balloon Elf

When Elf on the Shelf arrives, you'll want to have a grand entrance. One great idea shared by PeachyParade highlights their elf coming in on a hot air balloon, fashioned out of a mini craft box and Christmas-colored balloons. Super easy to make and truly a fun, extravagant idea the kids will love! If you don't have a helium tank handy, you can still get the same effect by taping the balloons to the wall.


Will Ferrell's 'Elf'

Nothing, and I mean nothing, says over-the-top like the movie Elf. If your family is a big fan of the Will Ferrell movie, why not take a page from his book? Dress your Elf on the Shelf in green, like Buddy from the movie, deck out your living room in hanging paper snowflakes and paper chains, and position your elf watching Elf when the kids wake up. Serve spaghetti and maple syrup for breakfast. Going with the movie-theme is a gold mine for extravagant ideas.


Snowy Vignette

If you really want to take it to the next level and are particularly crafty, create an elaborate vignette for your elf this year. Find a starry blue backdrop, lay down a fresh coat of snow, and deck your elf or elves out as the holiday's most iconic motifs, from candy canes to Christmas trees with teeny tiny gift wrapped presents at it's feet. Set up the scene before your kids wake up and watch how giddy they get.


Mischief Managed

Chelsea Davenport

But if you're not the craftiest person alive, help your Elf on the Shelf use crafts for mischief instead. Find the most stylish barbie clothes around the house, dress up your elf as flamboyantly as possible, and get all those stickers, markers, and crafts out that never get used. I guarantee your elf can make great use of them, and you may even get a little humorous revenge for all the times you had to clean up marker on the wall and spills on the floor. Don't forget a clever sign, and we recommend using makeup over non-toxic, washable markers. Just make sure you have plenty of makeup removing wipes handy.


Holiday Baking Champion

Grab a miniature bowl, get out the cookie dough ingredients and sprinkles, and create this elf-size bakery scene in the kitchen. Not only is it an absolutely over-the-top, adorable idea, but it also means you can make the world's tiniest sugar cookies and eat them the next morning. This Elf on the Shelf idea is a win for everyone. And if you're feeling really extra, set up a cookbook and dress up your beloved elf in an apron too.

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