It's Not Too Late To Print Nice Holiday Cards In Time For Xmas At These 5 Sites

You know that hopeful feeling you get every year, as you admire the gorgeous holiday cards gracing your fridge? Next year, my family will take beautiful, Pinterest-worthy holiday photos, and I'll send them out right after Thanksgiving. I won't stress! I'll get them done early, and have fun doing it. Ah, that optimism is so sweet. Fast forward, and you're scrambling. (It counts as long as the card arrives before the New Year, right?) Don't fret. Here are five places you can still print holiday cards in time for the holidays because trust me, you aren't alone.

First, I've got to say this. To all the parents stressing over creating and mailing the perfect holiday card: relax. Your loved ones will adore the picture of your sweet family, whether it arrives on time or not. Second, you deserve kudos for even sending holiday cards in the first place. My parents gave up on sending holiday cards before my brother and I were even out of diapers, so I have respect for any family that still honors the tradition.

Get yourself a cup of coffee, find a comfy spot on your couch, and let's get started. I promise, it's never been easier (and efficient) to design and mail absolutely lovely holiday cards, especially with the help of these five companies.



Not only does Minted have some of the prettiest holiday cards I've ever seen, but they make the entire process of designing, ordering, and mailing them a breeze. Pick your design, upload your favorite family photo, and customize your card from top to bottom, front and back. Best of all, Minted offers free recipient addressing so you can avoid the hand cramps this year. No time to get to the post office? No problem – you can also order all your stamps from Minted.

After you pick your design, Minted will display an estimated delivery date. Additionally, a handy tool on their website lets you calculate your delivery date based on the date you order.



Shutterfly has a seemingly endless selection of holiday cards. Narrow down your options by color, theme, sentiment, price, and so on, and then get designing. Shutterfly offers recipient addressing for a fee, with all sorts of holiday-themed style options to choose from.

You'll get an estimated arrival date once your items are in your cart, and Shutterfly also offers expedited, rush, and super rush delivery options.



VistaPrint offers thousands of holiday card options, and personally I find their website the most user-friendly when it comes to customizing them. Plus, if you order from now until December 2, you'll not only receive your holiday cards in plenty of time, but you'll also receive a hefty discount: all holiday cards are 60 percent off during their "Cyber Week" special. VistaPrint also offers pre-printed address and return address options.

There is a full rundown of their shipping times (which include production time) on their website, so make sure you understand your options before placing a last-minute order. They also break down the holiday shipping times, but keep in mind that this only guarantees the cards will get to you by Christmas.


Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising holiday cards are chic, minimalistic, and absolutely gorgeous. They also offer envelope addressing for an additional fee.

Once you select your favorite design, you can click on "Shipping Information" to see how long that particular design takes to produce. They also provide a full chart of shipping time estimates so you can select the delivery option that works best depending on your time crunch.


Paperless Post

Oops! It's December 23 and you still haven't ordered holiday cards. Luckily, e-mail doesn't shut down for the holidays. It's 2018, don't let anyone shame you for sending out electronic holiday cards.

At Paperless Post, you can customize your card, from the colors, backdrop, text, and photos, and then add your recipients' names and e-mails. You can even send yourself a free test card to make sure it's exactly how you want it. Press send, and voila! There is no method more efficient.


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