5 Pregnancy Shaving Tricks All Moms-To-Be Need

Grooming while pregnant may require you to get more creative than you have in years past. Your swelling belly may be making bending down increasingly more difficult and, sometimes, painful. Your bump may also make it hard to locate certain body parts (:cough: your vagina :cough:). Thankfully, there are pregnancy shaving tricks you can try that will help you shed unwanted hair while keeping you (and your belly) safe.

If you think hair won't be a problem during pregnancy, think again. According to What To Expect, pregnant women start to notice their hair growing in faster and thicker at around 20 weeks, thanks to super sonic pregnancy hormones. These hairy hormones may also cause hair to sprout up in places you do not want, like the chin, nipples, and stomach. After you give birth and your hormones return to normal, these sproutlings will likely go away. In the meantime, if all of this hair is bothering you, there are several ways to get rid of it.

Shaving is pretty popular because it's one of the more cost effective grooming techniques. It is also fairly simple to do from the comfort of your home. Understandably, your growing belly may be currently — or will soon be — creating a little challenge to your shaving routine, but you don't have to despair. Here are five shaving tricks to try during pregnancy that will keep you smooth and safe.


Sit Down If Possible

Propping up a leg to shave in an already slippery situation is probably not a good idea, especially if you're further along in your pregnancy. According to the Pregnancy & Baby website, your center of gravity shifts when you become pregnant, so taking certain safety precautions (like sitting down for shaving) are recommended.

There are two options for sitting down while shaving. You could buy an adjustable shower seat that fits inside your shower or tub. You could could buy an electric razor and sit down anywhere you're comfortable to shave without needing water. Whatever is most comfortable sounding is the way to go.


Buy A Razor Reach

Designed to help pregnant women, the razor reach (price ranges from $18 to $35) attaches to most men's and women's disposable shavers. Not only does it make shaving easier, but it saves you some money too.


Get In Front Of A Big Mirror

Instead of trying to look over your bump in the shower to see down there, you can simply get in front of a mirror that's large enough to see your whole body.


Enlist The Help Of A Partner (Or Trusted Friend)

If you have a partner or good friend that you trust, just have them shave for you. I preferred being waxed while I was pregnant, so I had my husband do it. Was he the greatest at it? No. But it was pretty funny watching him try to wax me. The best part was that I didn't have to leave my house, change out of my comfy clothes, and I could watch TV while my husband went to work.


Embrace All Of Your Bushiness

You may come to a point where it's like screw it. If you can't do it anymore, or don't really care to, it might be best to just let it go.

If you can't embrace your bushiness, consider getting the areas you want taken care of waxed instead. It costs a bit more money than shaving, but waxing lasts longer. The other upside — someone else is doing the hard work for you.

No one is going to care if you're perfectly groomed or not, except you maybe. Pregnancy gives you a free pass to not care — you are making eyeballs and arms after all.