5 Questions That'll Determine Which Hogwarts House Your Child Belongs In

by Lindsay E. Mack

If you put the Sorting Hat on your kid’s head, what would it say? Do you suspect your child is a clever Ravenclaw or a courageous Gryffindor? Even before your kid is old enough to read the Harry Potter stories, you can look at his traits and come up with a pretty good indication of which Hogwarts House your child would call home.

By watching your kid closely, these armchair sorting techniques will come to you easily. If she starts speaking in complete sentences at a very young age, for instance, you might have a fledgling Ravenclaw on your hands. And if he’s learned to fake cry for attention, that cunning little manipulator might be destined for Slytherin. (It’s okay — there’s still a chance he’ll grow out of it.)

Other than boarding the scarlet train for Hogwarts itself, asking yourself these five questions is the best way to figure out your kid’s Hogwarts' House. It may be a fun idea to make a note of the House you decide on to share with your kid once he’s old enough to understand your reasoning. And whatever House you settle on, any kid is lucky to grow up with a Harry Potter fan for a parent. After all, a love of magic and make-believe is the stuff childhood is made of.


Gryffindors value bravery and daring. Dumbledore and Harry were both members of this House.

  • Does your child try to run into crowds, scale bookshelves like a mountain, and otherwise show a staggering lack of normal fear responses?
  • Do they stand up for others in playground squabbles?
  • Does most of their imaginative play involve fighting evil and saving the world?
  • Are they able to sleep without a nightlight?
  • Do they love bedtime stories about heroes who overcome impossible odds?


Hufflepuffs are all about hard work and fair play. Cedric Diggory belonged here.

  • Does your kid excel at sharing toys with others?
  • Are they OK with not being the center of attention?
  • Do they abide by game rules and take losing gracefully?
  • Are they pretty chill and not prone to temper tantrums?
  • Do they have an affinity for badgers?


Ravenclaws care about intelligence and wit. Luna Lovegood called this House home.

  • Can they dismantle any child-proof lock faster than most adults?
  • Do they ask a thousand questions about everything under the sun?
  • Is story time their favorite time of day?
  • Can they concentrate on one task (such as coloring) for a long span?
  • Do you find yourself surprised by their curiosity about the world?


Slytherins are ambitious and cunning. Draco Malfoy belonged to this House.

  • Are they great at winning board games (sometimes at the cost of bending the rules)?
  • Have they blamed siblings, the dog, or imaginary friends for his misbehavior?
  • Can they play one parent against the other to get their way?
  • Do they have a talent for getting other children to follow their ideas?
  • Do they throw a fit if they doesn’t get what they want?

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