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5 Reasons To Hire A Birth Photographer

Preparing for labor often feels like an endless to-do list. Pack your hospital bag, write your birth plan, do your Kegels, decorate the nursery... it never seems to end. As much as you have on your plate, there's one more surprising thing that may be worth adding to your list: hire a photographer to document the big day. As reluctant as you may be, there are a host of convincing reasons to hire a birth photographer that might just convince you to book one today.

I know what you're thinking, and I get it. The thought of having anyone other than your partner, birth coach, or team of experienced medical professionals in the room with you as you push a living baby out of your lady parts (or have one surgically removed via C-section), is the opposite of an ideal photo-op.

When you think of it in another light, however, hiring a professional photographer to document the birth of your child means you'll have images of one of the most special days of your life during moments that you might otherwise forget. The pain of contractions, gripping your partner's hand as you push, and those first newborn cries could all be captured in an image that will last a lifetime. If you're hesitant about getting it all photographed, these reasons might just change your mind.


Your Labor Will Get The Attention It Deserves

Although all birth experiences are amazing experiences, the simple act of hiring a photographer for the occasion adds an extra amount of weight to the day. It reminds you that this day is one to remember, and don't you want to have photo evidence of one of the most special days of your life?


You'll Notice The Details You Missed

Although there will be another person in the room with you, Parents noted that you likely won't even realize that they're present. And they're professionally trained to capture the moments that you might not see. You'll be so focused on getting through contractions and birthing your baby that you might miss some of the most beautiful moments of the day — that's when your photographer comes in.


You'll Be More Present In The Moment If You Know You'll Have Photos To Look Back On Later

Along those same lines, if you know that someone is there to capture the moments you might miss, you'll be more empowered to focus on the moment without worrying that you might forget something about the day.


Your Images Will Be Better Quality

One of the most obvious reasons for hiring a professional is that they're just that: a professional. Their images will be raw and real, but also gorgeous and professionally edited to turn your labor experience into a literal work of art.


They'll Capture The Moments You'll Want To Remember

I didn't hire a birth photographer for either of my births a few years ago, and already the small details of my births are starting to fade from my memory. I remember the pain and the glorious moment when I held my daughters for the first time, but the tiny details like the tightness that I gripped my husbands hand with or the look on his face when he saw his daughter, or the look of concentration in my eyes when I knew I had to keep breathing through contractions — those details will start to slip.

With a photographer though, the details will all be captured in physical images that you can treasure forever, show your children as they grow up, and look back on when you start to forget.