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There May Be More Aliens Running Around Town On 'Roswell, New Mexico'

Fans finally got a little peek into what happened when the aliens were first discovered in CW’s Roswell, New Mexico, but how and why they arrived is still a mystery, as are the circumstances surrounding Rosa’s death and Isobel’s involvement with it. To make sense of things, fans are piecing clues together to come up with some amazing Roswell, New Mexico theories that will blow your mind.

Episode 7, “I Saw the Sign,” was primarily about Maria and her relationship with her mother, Mimi who has suddenly lost her mind. She keeps talking about glowing ships and dangerous aliens, but everyone around her is chalking it up madness. Maria reveals that the doctors have yet to make a diagnosis, but they’ve ruled out things like dementia or brain tumors. In her state, Mimi says that “everything changed when Isobel told Rosa her secret,” suggesting that Isobel was the mysterious blonde “hunting” Rosa.

In the opening scene of the episode, there is a flashback to 1947, and you see Lieutenant Colonel Harlem Manes (likely Alex’s grandfather), performing an autopsy on what seems to be a female alien whose palm bears a sparkly three-point symbol. The existence of this alien indicates that there may be more than just three aliens in Roswell, and fans have been trying to connect the dots with these terrific theories:


Isobel Left That Mark On Rosa

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Some fans pointed out that in Rosa’s autopsy photo, you could see her palm had the same alien symbol as the one on the alien during the autopsy. Redditor Amandine thinks that Isobel was possessed when she was at the mines with the other women, and that she may have left her mark on her in anger. “I think fake Isobel was in the mines with Rosa and lured the girls out there with the promise of drugs, she kills them out of revenge, revealing her alien powers to Rosa,” wrote the Reddit user. “Autopsy photo Rosa has an alien handprint on her wrist/arm and over her mouth. I think Rosa tried to run, Isobel grabbed her in anger and it left the mark. I think they heard Michael and Max and Isobel put her hand over Rosa’s mouth to stop her from screaming. Again, in anger, leaving a mark and somehow killing Rosa.”


Maria Is Half-Alien

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There have been theories of a fourth alien floating around, but Reddit user trufflepastaxciv thinks that the fourth alien may be Maria’s dad, and there may even be a fifth alien somewhere in town. “I think the fourth alien was released earlier than the other three, in between 1947 and 1990 and is much older than them,” the Redditor wrote. “I think it's Maria's father who ended up warping her mother's mind so the feds don't get to them. Maria is a half-alien and she only finds out later on. There could even be a fifth alien.”


Max Tried To Save Rosa

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When Rosa’s body was found, she had an appendix, which was weird because she already had it removed. Redditor RealSpyLady thinks that Max tried to save Rosa, but was only able to heal her body enough to regenerate her organs, not to bring her back to life. “It just took a really long time for her to come back,” wrote the Reddit user. “Because she was dead dead, not just mostly dead — Maybe that would explain why her appendix was there? Because he healed "everything?" I feel like the body having an appendix is a big thing.”


The Glowing Pods Are Alien Babies

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In the autopsy scene, a glowing pod is removed from the body of the alien. Some fans, like Reddit user phoenics1908 think that the pods could be alien babies. “I thought the thing they pulled out of the body were the alien pods (well, just one at first) that Max, Isobel and Michael came from,” wrote the Redditor. “Or maybe several women were impregnated with these pods?”


Mimi Was Mind-Warped By An Alien

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Mimi’s sudden madness is suspicious, especially because she has claimed to be psychic. Some fans think that Isobel did something to Mimi to fry her brain, but Redditor boofire thinks the fourth alien may be to blame. “So Maria’s mom was definitely mind warped by an alien,” the Redditor wrote. “She is a psychic but probably found out something about the aliens and another alien fried her brain. I’m still of the theory there is a fourth alien that is more skilled at mental powers than Iz. This other person is probably manipulating everything and everyone to keep their secrets.”

If there is a fourth alien in town, especially one with the ability to control minds, it could explain a lot of what is going on. Hopefully, as the season progresses, fans will get a clearer picture of what happened in 1947 and who’s currently orchestrating all the drama Liz and her friends are facing.

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