5 Signs Meghan Markle Will Make A Great Mom One Day

In just a few months, Meghan Markle will become a "princess". The American actress is set to marry Prince Harry, who is a direct descendant of the royal throne and whose family is more British than fish and chips and stewed tomatoes. Needless to say, people are not only excited for them to get married, they're excited for them to start a family of their own. Both Markle and Prince Harry have both expressed their interest in starting a family, but there are some key signs that Meghan Markle will make a fantastic mom in the (hopefully near) future.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will marry at the end of May and from then will begin their incredibly exciting life together. After giving up her acting career and lifestyle blog (rest in peace, The Tig), she will look forward to a life of humanitarian and charity work, which isn't a far cry from the things she enjoyed doing as an actress (she was an ambassador for United Nations Women, according to Mashable).

Once the Royal Wedding happens, as husband and wife, Markle and Prince Harry will more than likely start a family. And there is already a few signs that show they both will be great at doing that. Markle, especially.

She's A Feminist

Markle is proud feminist so, of course, she will raise her children right when she does become a mom. Markle has been a long time advocate for women, according to NBC, ever since the age of 11 when she convinced a brand to change the wording of a commercial to be more inclusive towards women.

As an ambassador for United Nations Women, Markle also gave speeches standing up for women and the importance of their rights for women all over the world and during one of these speeches, Markle addressed the importance of her fighting for equality at such a young age. "It was at that moment that I realized the magnitude of my actions," Markle said, according to CNBC. "At the age of 11, I had created my small level of impact by standing up for equality."

With this belief, there is no doubt that Markle will raise her children to not only fight for equality but to stand up for what they believe in and speak for those who might not have a voice themselves. And Markle has stated that Prince Harry is a feminist, too. Needless to say, their kids will be forward thinkers and Markle will definitely be able to enforce this as a mom.

She's Talked About Wanting Kids Before

In an interview with Hello! in 2016, according to HuffPost, Markle revealed her desire to start a family. Yes, she definitely wants to have kids which is basically a requirement to be a fantastic mother. Markle said, according to HuffPost:

I also dream to have a family. It's all about balance, and I have so much happiness in my career and am fortunate to travel the world and see so many amazing things — it will be nice to be anchored to something grounded and in the same place. Raising a family will be a wonderful part of that.

Based on this quote, not only will she be ready to have kids when she has them, but she will teach them the importance of their happiness and to put themselves first. Instilling this knowledge to the youth is imperative — and Markle is full of these insightful tidbits. Being both confident in her choices and herself is imperative when it comes to figuring things out as a new mom — and Markle seems to have both of these things under control.

She & Prince Harry Are On The Same Page

During their first televised interview together, it was clear that Markle and Prince Harry were on the same page, especially when it comes to having kids. During the interview, according to E! News, Prince Harry said that he and Markle were "not currently" thinking about having kids. "I think one step at a time and hopefully we'll start a family in the near future," Prince Harry said. Markle shook her head in response to his reply.

Throughout the whole entire interview, it was incredibly clear that both Markle and Prince Harry were not only on the same page about having kids, but about their life together. When two parents are communicative about how they want to raise their children and what they want to do with their lives, everything is pretty much guaranteed to be smooth sailing. Because they get each other, they will be able to get their kids, too and that will make them both great parents.

She's Obviously Great With Kids

In order to be a mom, you have to be pretty good with kids — but this doesn't seem to be an issue for Markle. Since getting engaged to Prince Harry, Markle has since made charity appearances, including hanging out with children at Street Games, a charity that "supports disadvantaged youth in the United Kingdom," according to Harper's Bazaar. In photos from that day, Markle looks absolutely ecstatic to be hanging out with the children, having so much fun cheering the kids on, playing games with them, and watching have fun on their own.

If you had any doubts about Markle not liking children, then photos from that day prove that Markle is more than ready to handle any birthday party or play date filled with dozens of kids that may come her way in the future.

She's Full Of Inspiration & Wisdom That Will Help Her As A Mom

Parents make mistakes so their children don't have to. Their own experiences are so important when it comes to helping raise their children and guide them towards right and wrong.

Before becoming engaged to Prince Harry, Markle wrote guest columns for magazines, where she shared some life lessons she learned in the past to the readers. Using her past experience will not only help her make good decisions for her children but allow them to make decisions for themselves. In a column that Markle wrote for Darling, Markle wrote about how she would drive to auditions in a beat up car, thinking she wasn't good enough until a casting director told her, "You need to know that you're enough." And this is a story that Markle can easily pass onto her children when she has them. If that is not one of the biggest things a teenager needs to hear growing up, then I don't know what is.

And in a column written for Elle Magazine in 2015 Markle detailed her struggles with her own identity — "draw your own box," Markle wrote in the column. If she can reach thousands of readers through a magazine with her inspirational, personal stories then she can certainly reach her own future children.

Based on all of these things, there is no doubt that Markle will make a fantastic mom.