5 Signs The Pick Up, Put Down Method Is Working

Some parents hit the jackpot with babies who easily sleep through the night. Others deal with babies who want nothing to do with sleep. Parents who fall into that latter category often turn to books to figure out how to lull their little one to dreamland. And, of the hundreds of sleep books that line the shelves, Tracy Hogg's Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How To Calm, Connect, and Communicate With Your Baby is the most popular. The book touts the Pick Up, Put Down method, which gradually gets babies to fall asleep on their own. It may not work fall all families, but if you're trying it, there are some signs the Pick Up, Put Down method is working for you.

According to Baby Sleep Advice, the Pick Up, Put Down method works like this: you put your baby down while they're drowsy but still awake. You can pick them up if they begin to cry, but you should put them down again as soon as they're calm. You repeat until they eventually fall asleep on their own.

It may take time before you see the results, but here are five signs the method is going well for you and your baby.


Your Baby Is Crying Less


Anytime Sleep Consulting suggested that if your baby is just fussy, you shouldn't rush to pick them up right away. If they begin crying, however, go ahead and snuggle them. As you begin to see the Pick Up, Put Down method work its magic, ideally you'll hit the full blown crying stage less and less often.


They're Relaxed


The Pick Up, Put Down method may not work for you if your baby becomes too stimulated or confused by being picked up, according to Baby Sleep Site. Instead, you'll want them to be relaxed and soothed by being held.


You're Spending Less Time On Sleep Training


The Pick Up, Put Down method involves a bit of a time commitment. Baby Sleep 101 noted that it can take hours to get your baby to fall asleep in the beginning, and it can mean a hundred or more pick ups. If it's working out, you'll see those numbers fall dramatically in a couple of days or weeks.


They're Falling Asleep Without You


According to Wee Bee Dreaming Pediatric Sleep Consulting, the goal of the Pick Up, Put Down method is to teach your baby to self soothe. If they can do that, they should be able to fall asleep on their own, which means your work is done.


You Feel Comfortable With It


There's so much controversy over the different sleep training methods, even ones that are as gentle as this one. Making the decision to sleep train your child using any technique can be loaded with guilt and stress. If using the Pick Up, Put Down method is getting your baby more sleep and giving you more sanity, it's a success.