5 Signs You Should Get Your Child's Diaper Rash Checked Out

There's nothing worse than changing your baby's diaper and discovering a painful, red rash inside. And though some babies are more prone to developing these rashes than others, it's important to look for signs you should get your child's diaper rash checked out by a doctor, so you can be prepared if and when it happens. Most diaper rashes are harmless and go away on their own, if given enough airflow and dryness, or with a bit of diaper rash cream. But others can be severe or a sign of a more serious infection meriting antibiotics, so paying attention to the rash is important.

Luckily, diaper rashes are fairly easy to prevent, especially once you know what causes them. According to What To Expect, the rash is caused by lack of airflow, wetness, enzymes from baby's poop, or irritation from the diaper rubbing on their skin. Simply changing their diaper more often may be all it takes to prevent rashes in the future.

But, if your child has already developed one, it's important to keep the area dry, use creams specifically for diaper rashes, and keep an eye on the symptoms of a severe rash or infection, just in case.


It Gets Worse Even With At Home Treatment

Most diaper rash creams or over the counter medicines should improve the rash within two to three days. If the rash progressively gets worse, even with treatment, Mayo Clinic noted that the rash may be caused by an infection, so taking them in to the doctor is important.


It Itches, Oozes, Or Bleeds

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Diaper rashes will make your child uncomfortable, but they shouldn't itch, ooze or bleed. These are symptoms of a severe diaper rash or something else entirely, according to New Kid's Health Center and should be looked at by a doctor.


It Shows Symptoms Of Yeast Infection

According to Baby Center, anyone can develop a yeast infection. The bacteria (of which everyone has a harmless amount), thrives in wet and warm places like inside a diaper. If your baby's rash doesn't improve with treatment, gets worse after two or three days, is deep red with raised edges and "satellite" lesions (red bumps apart from the main rash), you may have a yeast infection on your hands.


It Causes Pain With Urination

This, according to the Mayo Clinic, is a sign your child has a urinary tract infection in addition to their rash and will need antibiotics to help it clear up.


They Have A Fever

A fever along with a diaper rash is indicative of cellulitis, a bacterial infection requiring antibiotic, according to Parenting.