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5 Signs Your Baby Is Constipated, Aside From The Lack Of Poop

Dealing with poop is one of my least favorite parts of being a mom. Unfortunately, it's just another stinky part of the job. When you're on diaper duty, you'll come in contact with your fair share of massive blowouts. But if you haven't changed a poopy diaper in a few days, while your nose may be relieved, you may be a little worried that something more serious is going on. If your diaper pail is lighter than normal, you'll want to know the signs your baby is constipated.

For babies, constipation has less to do with frequency of their stools and more with the consistency. As WebMD mentioned, it is not uncommon for breastfed babies to poop once a week, as they are absorbing all of the wonderful nutrition contained in their mom's milk. Dry, hard, or bloody stools that are painful to pass are some of the indicators that your baby may be constipated.

Constipation is not only uncomfortable for your baby, but it can lead to bigger issues with passing solid waste. As Dr. Sears mentioned, if passing stools becomes uncomfortable for your baby, he may hold on to them. The longer he holds on, the more difficult they become to pass, which can stretch the intestine and even tear the rectal wall.

If your baby is constipated, you can help. According to Baby Center, a gentle tummy massage, switching formula brands, or adding a little prune juice to your breast milk or formula can help get things moving again.


The Stool Consistency Is Off


Normal baby stools should have a mushy consistency. Breastfed babies will pass a yellow, mustardy stool. Bottle fed babies' stools will look more like pudding, as Parents noted. According to Dr. Sears, dry, hard stools are a sign that your baby is constipated.


Your Baby Is Fussy

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If your baby arches his back or tightens his buttocks when passing solid wastes, something troubling may be going on. Babies who cry or appear to be uncomfortable while passing stools may be constipated, as Kids Health mentioned.


There Is Blood In The Stool

When stools are hard and difficult to pass, they may cause a painful tear in the rectal wall. According to WebMD, if you notice your baby's stools are bloody, she may be constipated.


Your Baby Has A Loss Of Appetite


You may notice that your constipated baby is eating a little less than normal. As Mom Junction mentioned, when your baby is constipated and bowel movements become difficult, she may experience a loss of appetite.


Your Baby Has Tummy Pain


If you're worried that your baby might be constipated, place your hand on his belly. According to Mommy's Bliss, a baby who is constipated will have a tummy that is hard and tender to the touch.