5 Signs Your Baby Isn't Sleeping Enough, Because Babies Need Their Beauty Sleep Too

It's pretty much universally accepted that babies can cause sleep deprivation in just about everyone around them. But can babies themselves be sleep deprived? Research on the subject isn't concrete, but there is a lot of evidence to suggest that even your baby may not be getting enough sleep. Luckily, if you're on the look out for the signs your baby isn't sleeping enough, you should be able to spot it and simply be more proactive at helping your baby sleep.

According to the Baby Sleep Site, as strange as it sounds, there is some evidence linking sleep problems in babies to ADHD and other issues like chronic sleep disorders later in life. The most common sleep disorder in children are things like very frequent waking, teeth grinding, sleep apnea, Restless Leg Syndrome, and sensory processing issues. And though certainly not every child who develops these issues can trace its origin to babyhood, good sleep habits do start young. Your baby is more likely to be affected by other side effects of not getting enough sleep like fussiness and being extra clingy

Other things like sickness, travel, and growth spurts can mess with your baby's sleep schedule as well, so don't be overwhelmed if your baby isn't sleeping perfectly every night. Rather, keep an eye out for these signs that your baby may be overly tired, and consider laying them down for an extra nap, or creating a more relaxing sleep environment so they're able to sleep longer.


Baby Is Constantly Yawning Or Rubbing Their Eyes

In kids of all ages, yawning and eye rubbing are tell tale signs that sleep needs to happen ASAP. According to Today's Parent, in the first year of life, babies need anywhere from 16 to 18 hours of sleep a day, and anything less may cause them to be overly tired.


Baby Is Whiny Or Fussiness, Even After Waking

According to the Sleep Foundation, one of the easiest symptoms of being overtired is general fussiness or crankiness. If your baby isn't hungry or under the weather, fussiness is probably a sign that they need to sleep, even if they already napped.


Baby Sleeps During Short Car Rides Or Walks In The Stroller

The same article from the Sleep Foundation noted that although car-sleeping is common for babies, if they fall asleep quickly in the car or stroller, they may need a few hours of extra shut-eye.


Baby Wakes Up Groggy Or Acts Like They Want To Go Back To Sleep

Another pretty obvious sign of tiredness is when your baby acts like they still want to be asleep even after they wake. This may happen if they were awoken prematurely or were sleeping in an environment that didn't encourage restful sleep.


Baby Snores, But Isn't Sick

It's normal for babies to be a bit stuffy during the first weeks of life as their air waves mature and when they have the occasional cold, but if your child snores frequently, it may be a sign of a more serious sleep problem. In an interview with Parenting, Dr. Sears said that snoring could be a sign that something is interfering with your baby's ability to breathe well during sleep, likely causing them to wake often and not sleep deeply. Taking them into the doctor if the problem persists will ensure the issue is resolved.