5 Signs You're Having A Girl

Obsessing over the sex of your baby is par for the course during pregnancy. Although many moms choose not to find out the sex of their baby, others consider the 20 week "gender" reveal one of the most exciting moments of being pregnant. Whether you have a "feeling" that you're having a girl, or want to try and figure it out on your own before the ultrasound, there are a few signs you're having a girl that might help narrow things down for you.

Of course, the only sure way to tell the gender of your baby is to get an ultrasound from a certified technician — and even then there's margin for error. But these common "at home tests," whether rooted in myth or fact, have moms everywhere predicting the gender of their unborn baby before the professionals can get to it.

Although some of the more common "signs" are a bit unbelievable — like one that states if you're having a girl you'll be more prone to mood swings — some have actual scientific fact behind them and these, combined with the ultrasound results, will tell you if you are indeed having a girl.


Your Baby Has A Higher Heart Rate

You know the old wives tale that claims if you're having a girl, the baby's heart rate will be above 140. According to Health Line, this is somewhat true, as most baby girls have a higher heart rate than boys do. But this is only as labor begins. So if you've waited until you start labor, you might be able to find out the gender before you meet your little one.


You Crave Sweet More Than Sour

M people claim that cravings for sweets like chocolate, fruit, or other sugary dishes mean you're having a little girl, according to The Bump. However, Healthline noted that there is a definitely lack of scientific data linking your cravings and the sex of your baby. It can still be fun to guess, nonetheless.


You're Plagued By Pregnancy Acne

Although it can more than likely be chalked up to your fluctuating hormone levels, Mom Junction pointed out that some believe that worse acne during pregnancy means you're having a girl.


You Had Severe Morning Sickness

The Bump also noted that legend has it that women who are sick with morning sickness for the first 12 weeks or more are having a girl, and those who escape without the nausea are having a boy.


You're Carrying High

The shape of your bump will definitely draw comments from passersby on the gender of your baby whether you place value in the old wives tales or not. According to Mom Junction, it's thought that if you're carrying higher in your abdomen it's a girl.