5 Equally Fun Slime Alternatives

by Lindsay E. Mack

Slime: it's the kid-trend that came out of nowhere and shows no signs of stopping. Although kids are still in love with the squishy stuff, parents might twitch every time they see an advertisement for the trendy gunk. Thankfully, the slime alternatives are just as much fun and creative. Because everyone needs a break from the typical slime.

Help your kids expand their play horizons with recipes for homemade Play-Doh, Floam, puff paint, edible sand, and even a stress ball. Chances are, you already have the ingredients on hand or can get them at the nearest grocery store. (Hey, your kids get to learn the importance of reading ingredients, so that's something.) Most of the recipes can be personalized with fun colors and additions such as glitter, so there's no end to the creativity. Who knows? Maybe your kid will kick off the next big trend.

Oh, and don't be surprised if you enjoy making these crafts as well. Who knew a few ingredients from the drug store could be used to create Floam? These crafts may help you (and your kid) rethink the way you look at everyday products.


This classic toy can be whipped up in no time. The two ingredient Play Doh from Pins and Things uses stuff you probably have on hand. Plus, you can experiment with food coloring to make a signature shade.

DIY Floam

Granted, this is in the slime family, but it's still very fun. The DIY Floam recipe from Cheeksxo3 will introduce your kid to this crunchy, tacky substance. It's glorious.

Puffy Paint

Remember drawing all over shirts and jeans with puffy paint? Now you and your family can make your own version of the stuff. Meg's DIY puffy paint tutorial is fun and easy to follow. Make 3-D, textured pictures with your new paint.

Edible Sand

Those are two words you never expect to see together. But Stephanie Carina's edible kinetic sand video will show you how to create a tactile, tasty craft. It's a dessert and plaything all in one.

DIY Squishy Ball

OK, I am a grown woman who is 100 percent going to make one of these today. The BubblePOP Kids tutorial for a squishy stress ball looks like too much fun. Squishyness and glitter in one thing? Yes, please.