5 Subtle Signs Your Engagement Won't Last

It seems like once you hit a certain age, everyone you know gets engaged. Whether it pops up on your Facebook timeline, happens at the restaurant you're eating at, or is announced at a family gathering, engagements seem to happen constantly. And it may even include yours. With so many engagements happening, sometimes you have to wonder how many of them actually last. It turns out, there are a few subtle signs your engagement won't last that you can look for if you or someone you know is concerned about their own engagement.

Just because you exhibit these signs, however, doesn't mean you won't walk down the aisle. Many of these issues can by worked out it the couple is willing to do so. For those unwilling to address some of the major signs a relationship, engagement, or marriage is struggling, the threat that it may not last is much more prominent. Although, ultimately, no one wants to hurt their significant other, calling out problem areas during an engagement and deciding whether you're able to work through them is a much better alternative to going through with a marriage on a rocky foundation. If you're questioning whether or not your engagement may be in trouble, here are five subtle signs it may not last.


You Don't Communicate

During the engagement period and while planning a wedding, couples can be under a lot of stress. According to Live Bold & Bloom, if you're unable to communicate during times of stress, particularly during this planning process, the stress can begin to cause turmoil within a relationship. As any therapist will tell you, communication is one of the major pieces of a relationship's foundation, and if you're not able to communicate during potentially your first legitimately stressful scenario, you could struggle to make things work.


There's No Intimacy Or Emotional Connection

According to Cosmopolitan, when a connection isn't present, say during your engagement photo shoot, it's a subtle sign an engagement may not last. Additionally, HuffPost shared that lack of intimacy can be a sign there are underlying issues that need to be addressed, including resentment, lack of communication, or emotional issues.


You're Engaged For The Wrong Reasons

When couples get engaged for reasons other than love — they feel pressure from family, they're expecting a baby, they want to have sex — it can create a shaky foundation. According to Elite Daily, those reasons along with the fear of being alone, feeling like marriage is what you're supposed to do, and settling are the wrong reasons to get engaged. Needless to say, when you're engaged for the wrong reasons, your relationship is far less likely to last.


You Can't Agree On Anything

According to The Knot, most couples have disagreements during the wedding planning stage that have to do with anything from family to finances to groom involvement. If, however, you're both unable to agree on anything, unwilling to compromise, and, again, not communicating, it can be a daunting sign your engagement or marriage may not last. Psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina also told The Knot that the engagement stage and wedding planning is a trial run, showing you where you're going to have trouble in the future.In order to keep your engagement intact, it's important not to leave disagreements unresolved.


Friends Express Concern

There's always that one friend who seems to naysay all your decisions out of jealousy or negativity. If, however, supportive and close friends or even parents don't seem to approve of your engagement, it may be time to reassess, according to The Spruce.