5 Surprising Facts About John David Duggar Show He's A Man Of Many Talents

Through the years, fans of the Duggar family have witnessed Michelle and Jim Bob's 19 children grew up before their very eyes. As more and more of the siblings reach adulthood, it seems as if there's a never-ending string of courtships, weddings, pregnancies, and labors and deliveries — and all of them have been featured on TLC's Counting On. However, the adult Duggar children who haven't yet found "the one" have a tendency to fly under the radar. (Like Jana and John-David, for example.) In fact, longtime fans may find themselves wondering: What's up with John-David these days? These five surprising facts about John-David Duggar show he's a man of many talents.

If you need a refresher, John-David is the third-eldest of Michelle and Jim Bob's 19 children, as USA Today reported. In both 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On, it seems as if the second-eldest of the Duggar boys keeps himself busy with a variety of jobs and hobbies — and has a tendency to keep to himself. He's generally soft-spoken and laid-back. As a formerly-avid fan of the TLC series, though, I've seen John-David occasionally let his sense of humor shine through. For those who aren't as familiar with this Duggar dude, here are five things you may not know about John-David.

1. He's A Pilot

John David met all of the requirements to earn his pilots license back in 2012, according to In Touch Weekly. "I've always wanted to get my pilots license when I was young," John-David said in a 2013 episode of 19 Kids & Counting. Pretty cool, huh? If John-David eventually enters into a courtship, I envision a romantic flying date/potential airplane proposal in his future.

2. He's Also A Constable

In 2013, John-David became a constable for the Washington County police department, In Touch Weekly reported. And in one episode of 19 Kids and Counting, Jim Bob even had the opportunity to ride along on one of John-David's patrols. Michelle Duggar wrote in a blog post in 2013 for TLC, updating fans on what her older children had been up to. She explained:

Our son John David has got a job and a home. He's leasing that home out as rental income and putting the money aside. He's also getting his pilot license right now and he's been a fireman and a police officer, and now he's a constable.

3. He's Actually A Twin

Remember when I said John-David was technically third in the Duggar lineup? That's because he's actually the twin brother of Jana, as Michelle Duggar explained in a 2014 blog post for TLC. In her post, the Duggar family matriarch described just how different her first set of twins were:

As they were growing, I realized that they were so different from each other. Jana and John, of course being boy and girl, had a lot of differences in that respect, but their personalities were so different, too. One was so laid back and the other one was so energetic and into everything. John David just watched Jana because she had enough energy for both of them.

4. He Is Ready To Start A Family

In 2016, John-David addressed a question on the minds of many fans: Is he courting someone? "Future plans would be to, I think, one day the Lord will bring the right one along. And then I'll start a family and hopefully be able to invest in their lives and raise up a generation that will be great for the society ... I don't have anybody right now. But I am praying about it." John-David's mom has also noted that her second-oldest son is more than prepared to support a family at this point in his life. In a 2013 blog post, Michelle wrote:

He's definitely at that place in life where he's ready to be a husband and a provider and he would be open to courting a young lady if he felt she would be the one for him.

5. Courtship Rumors Have Been Rampant

John-David and Jana are 28 and unmarried — which is practically ancient by the typical Duggar timeline of getting married and starting a family. Because of this, it seems as if rumors of a John-David courtship pop up every few months or so. Most recently, Celebrity Insider reported that fans would get a glimpse of John-David's alleged girlfriend in Season 7 of Counting On. Except, Season 7 is already over. Perhaps that's the proof it was just a rumor — unless Season 8 of Counting On confirms he's courting.

In the past, a woman named Tabitha Paine has been linked to John-David. But alas, these rumors were disproven by Paine herself. “I have been a live-in tutor to the Duggar children for the past year,” she wrote on her blog, according to the International Business Times. “Because we don’t do school 24/7 I am able to join in with the family’s work and fun activities during the weekends and evenings. Hence, the reason why you may see so many pictures!” Until the Duggar family announces anything, though, it's probably safe to assume that John-David is still a bachelor.

So there you have it. John-David may not get a ton of air time on Counting On, but out of all the Duggar siblings, he seems to be the most independently stable. If it's true that John-David is ready to settle down and start a family, I wouldn't think he'd have too much trouble finding interested suitors. The real issue may be finding a girl that meets the approval of Jim Bob. And that's a whole other story in itself.

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