5 Surprising Health Effects Of Always Wearing Thongs That You Need To Know

Underwear preferences are pretty much as individual as people are. People have strong opinions about what style, cut, fabric and more is the best for them, and some strongly believe that no underwear is the best underwear (or, at least, periods of time spent without underwear on). Experts, too, have ideas about what makes the best underwear and when people should wear them. There are some surprising health side effects of always wearing thongs, in particular, that you definitely need to know more about if your underwear of choice is a thong. Though some people find them to be the most uncomfortable underwear option, others prefer them for either comfort or aesthetic reasons. There certainly can be some issues with wearing thongs all the time, but not everyone who chooses to wear them has to worry about every single health side effect.

It's not just the amount of time that you are wearing a thong, there are a lot of different factors that can affect what sorts of issues you might deal with when it comes to wearing thong underwear. From the materials the thong is made out of, to the size and fit, and beyond, when it comes to thong underwear, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.


Getting Rid Of Infections Could Pose A Problem

In an interview with HuffPost, Dr. Jill M. Rabin, an OB-GYN, said that if you are someone who gets a lot of urinary tract or vaginal infections, wearing thongs all the time could make it more difficult for you to clear those infections up. Because of that, you might want to consider limiting your thong wearing if you deal with frequent infections.


You Might Experience Some Chafing

Because thongs go between your butt cheeks and the materials can sometimes be harsh, if you wear them regularly, you might also experience some chafing. Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, MD, MS, an OB-GYN and the senior associate dean of the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs at Columbia University, says that she's had patients complain of chafing from thongs in the past, but says that this is probably a matter of the thongs being "too tight or too small," and not just because of the thong itself.


You Might Expose Yourself To More Bacteria

Hutcherson says that one of the biggest issues with wearing thongs all the time is the potential for infection. Though some doctors don't think that there's much of a risk for infection for healthy thong-wearers, Hutcherson says that because you're exposing your vagina and vulva to bacteria, she believes it's something of which people should be aware.

"The other thing that happens with thongs is, because part of it goes between the butt cheeks and as you walk, then there’s naturally some increased exposure of your vulva and vagina to the part that has just passed between your butt cheeks and [near] your anus, where there’s bacteria that your vagina should not be exposed to," she explains.


They Might Cause Some Little Cuts

Depending on the fabric that your thong is made of, you could also potentially experience some tiny cuts. "Sometimes they’re a little bit too cute and they can be made out of material or fabric that can, as it rubs against the skin, especially between the butt cheeks, cause some abrasions," Hutcherson says. She recommends washing your newly-purchased thong before you wear it both for this reason and for hygiene reasons.

"So if you’re buying some lacy, fancy thong, before you wash it, sometimes it can be quite irritating, not only because of exposure to your skin of different chemicals that might be in the fabric before you wash it, but also the fabric can be a little harder or rougher," she says.


If The Fabric Isn't Breathable, That Could Make Things Worse

Hutcherson recommends all-cotton underwear and this applies to thongs as well. She says that some underwear is made of fabrics that don't breathe well, which is not great for the health of that part of the body. "We always recommend that women wear all-cotton underwear as frequently as possible because the cotton is a natural fiber and it breathes and allows aeration of the vulva, which would decrease your risk of getting a vaginal infection," she explains.

She says that wearing a thong isn't generally a bad thing, but that there are some potential health-related issues that you should consider if you're going to wear one, particularly if you're going to wear one on a regular basis. Knowing the pros and cons is always a good idea, even when it comes to your choice of underwear.

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