5 Symptoms Of Mommy Brain That Parents Should Know About

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was overjoyed. I couldn't wait to start thinking about names and decorating my nursery. And then, things got weird. Suddenly, I couldn't remember names or numbers. I would enter a room and immediately forget why I was there. I thought I was pretty smart until my two pregnancies began to slowly zap away all of my intelligence. Mommy brain is a real thing, which is why you should know the symptoms of mommy brain — just in case you need to explain to your partner why you put his underwear in the oven.

According to Parenting, sleep deprivation, stress, and multitasking all contribute to the forgetfulness that come with caring for a new baby — commonly referred to as "mommy brain." Although it may seem weird, it's completely common for women who once had it all together to turn into forgetful train wrecks when they are expecting. And as Fit Pregnancy mentioned, the symptoms can last as long as one year after giving birth.

If you're suffering from mommy brain, don't be afraid to make use of scheduling and organization apps for your smart phone to help you keep it all together.And if all else fails, there's nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned Post-It note reminder to help you keep track of your keys.


You're Losing Things

Don't be surprised if you find yourself constantly trying to remember where you put things. Even the most organized person can lose track of their belongings while pregnant. According to Belly Belly, misplacing items is a common symptoms of mommy brain.


You Forget Things

According to Parents, it is entirely possible for a mom with mommy brain to forget important information like her own address or ATM pin number.


You're Finding Things In Weird Places

After spending three hours tearing your house apart to find your missing car keys, you finally discover them in the freezer. Finding missing items in strange places is one of the unfortunate symptoms of mommy brain, according to Elle.


You Leave Out Important Steps

When you have mommy brain, you often leave out some pretty important parts of your normal routine. You may find yourself leaving the house without your shoes on, or trying to cook without turning on the stove.


You Suffer Short-Term Memory Loss

As What To Expect mentioned, an expectant mother's brain cell volume decreases in the third trimester of her pregnancy. This can contribute to much of your short-term memory loss.