5 Pies That Can Help Increase Your Milk Supply, Because Babies Deserve To Feast On Thanksgiving, Too

As I think everyone can agree, the best part of Thanksgiving is clearly pie. And while, for most people, Thanksgiving pie is just a sweet treat at the end of a filling meal (and breakfast the next morning), for breastfeeding mamas, if you make the right pies, you just might be able to boost your milk supply while you enjoy dessert. If you'll have a breastfeeding mom at your dinner table this Thanksgiving — or you're just tasked with baking the pies — consider these pies to increase milk supply. They might work or they might not, but either way, there's pie, so it's a winning situation no matter what.

From fall classics, like maple pear and ginger pie, to more exotic options, like a tahini mousse pie, there are several options that will give breastfeeding moms even more reason to embrace the season of giving thanks. If you're trying to make a more "purposeful" pie, you first need to know what kinds of ingredients are considered natural galactagogues. In case you're unaware, galactagogues are items that help boost breast milk production and lactation in mammals, as Organic Lifestyle explained. Lactation consultant Jessica Barton posted on her website that while galactagogues do work, they are most effective when paired with regular breastfeeding and pumping. While many known natural galactagogues might not seem to go well in pies, there are a few that will produce solid showstoppers, well-suited to end one of the fussiest meals you'll eat all year. Pick your favorite galactagogue, bake up a pie, potentially boost milk supply — there's a lot to be thankful for this year.


Tahini Mousse Pie

This decadent, nutty pie from I Will Not Eat Oysters will be a favorite on your Thanksgiving table and just might help increase milk production in breastfeeding mamas. Chocolate and tahini go very well together, and if you've never had it before, you're missing out. According to Organic Lifestyle, sesame seeds — tahini is a sesame paste — is a known natural galactagogue. Take advantage of this more exotic ingredient and try something new this Thanksgiving. Plus, a little chocolate never hurt anyone.


Maple Pear And Ginger Pie

Maple Pear and Ginger Pie from Spoon Fork Bacon is full of seasonal fall flavors and potentially breastmilk-boosting galactagogues as well. As The Kitchn explained, ginger is a galactagogue. It's natural warming spice that goes very well with the sweetness of the maple and pear. This pie is also a good option if you're sick and tired of the same old apple pie year in and year out. It's a little different from your standard apple pie, but won't isolate those who love a fruit pie bursting with fall flavors.


Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie

According to the aforementioned article from Organic Lifestyle magazine, oatmeal is one of the best-known natural galactagogues. This rich, creamy, toasty Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie from Smitten Kitchen is the perfect dessert to make to take advantage of that natural breastmilk booster and end the meal with a bang. Serve it with whipped cream or ice cream to make it even more of a hit. Plus it's got oatmeal in it so it's an appropriate breakfast dish — right?


Carrot Pie

You've had pumpkin pie before, but have you had carrot pie? Try something different this year with this sweet, earthy pie from Crafty Cooking Mama. Even better? Carrots are galactagogues, according to the aforementioned Organic Lifestyle article, which means this pie will also make breastfeeding moms happy. According to the blog, carrot pie is, essentially, a slight twist on the more traditional pumpkin pie, meaning that your family and friends won't be too thrown off by the change — they might even confuse it for the real thing especially since they look exactly the same!


Candied Yam Pie

According to Breastfeeding Problems, yams are also galactagogues, so if you're still searching for a pie for Thanksgiving, this Candied Yam Pie from Spoon Fork Bacon is a fun twist on the starchy vegetable classic. Skip the candied yams at the dinner table this year and eat them for dessert instead. The meringue topping adds just enough drama to make it holiday-ready (and mimics the marshmallow topping on your candied yams — fancy that). The breastfeeding moms (and everyone else) at the table just might thank you.

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