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Season 2 Of 'Roswell, New Mexico' May Reveal More About The Aliens' Past

It’s hard to believe, but Season 1 of Roswell, New Mexico is coming to a close. Unlike the 90’s version, this reboot combined it’s alien conspiracy storyline with some timely modern elements, including same-sex relationships, healthcare, and immigration. The first season pulled fans in deep, and after a nail-biting finale, they're busy piecing together theories for Season 2 of Roswell, New Mexico.

The CW still hasn’t confirmed whether the series will return for a second season, but that isn’t stopping fans from coming up a wish list of things they hope to see if the show returns. According to TV By The Numbers, the ratings for Roswell, New Mexico have remained steady since the series premiere, which means there’s a good chance it will be renewed.

But while the executives mull over their decision, showrunners are in the process of mapping out the future of the show. When talking to Assignment X, executive producer and writer, Carina Adly Mackenzie said that Roswell, New Mexico still has much more alien mythology to explore. “Right now, we’re really focusing on our small town, and what happened in our small town,” she said. “But as the world gets bigger throughout the season, those questions start to come up, and will be answered. Our aliens don’t know anything about where they came from, or why they are here. So we are going to be asking those questions.”

If the season finale left you with some burning questions of your own, these theories about Season 2 should help keep you going until (fingers crossed) Roswell, New Mexico returns next year.


Michael Is A King

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Redditor HengroenAndLlamrei thinks that some of the conversations between the aliens could hint to Michael being a King, which could further frame the Season 2 storyline. “Noah mentioned he was one of the peasants in a weaker pod than core three, indicating they are special or noble in some way,” wrote the user. “I know Max was the King in the original, but it would be kind of neat, given how Michael is always the poorest one with the bad family who was not adopted, if he turned out to be the super special King. Michael is the one who has always felt a connection to his people, wanting to find them and then wanting to save them.”


Maria Will Be Pregnant

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Some fans think that Season 2 will come with baby news for Maria. Reddit user, pennavedc1 thinks that Maria will be pregnant with Michael's baby, putting her in a serious love triangle with Michael and Alex. “I still maintain that her getting preggers by Michael would open up so many different opportunities for storytelling next season for all the characters,” the user wrote. “Plus, it would add another dimension to the triangle between her, Michael, and Alex.”


Michael Will Finally Remember His Past

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There are still a lot of questions about the aliens’ past and what happened to them before they came to Earth. Reddit user harliezee thinks that “Michael recalling his mother” before the crash could “open him up to remembering more” about his past.


Cam’s Sister Will Come To Roswell

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Cam has been worried about her sister, and in an effort to help her, she gave Manes the information he wanted. Redditor rubybroadbelt thinks that Cam and her sister will play a big role going forward. “I think there is more going on with cam,” wrote the user. “Also, her sister in a military prison and that whole plot, there was no purpose. She didn’t have to exist at all. I assume she’s coming back in a big way come season 2.”


Michael’s Mom Will Be At The Center

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Reddit user lnopmee pointed out that the actress playing Michael’s mother Mara is Kayla Ewell, and her notoriety hints that she may have a larger role next season. “The actress who was Michael’s mother was Vicky from TVD,” wrote the Redditor. “So I feel like she might have a bigger role later.” If it turns out that Mara survived, there’s a good chance that she comes back into Michael’s life in Season 2 to reveal more of his mysterious backstory.

With so many questions and storylines left to cover, fans are counting on a renewal for Roswell, New Mexico. The CW hasn't made the announcement yet, but keep your eyes peeled, because they'll probably drop news about the series' fate sometime this summer.