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Season 6 Of 'The 100' Is Taking Fans Into Uncharted Territory

From the get go, The 100 has been all about survival. Whether it’s warring over a piece of land, or fighting mind-controlling tech, your favorite characters are locked in a continuous battle of life and death. But after seeing the jaw-dropping Season 5 finale, fans know that the upcoming story can go a number of ways, so they’ve been piecing together some amazing theories for Season 6 of The 100.

The fifth season had Clarke, Bellamy, and the rest of their crew focused on winning the only habitable valley left on Earth. But after the villainous McReary realizes he can’t win against Clarke and Madi’s forces, he does the worst possible thing you could think of — he launches missiles that destroy the valley. Everyone is forced to board ship and leave Earth, but not before Clarke aka Wanheda kills McReary in a brutal fight.

Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and the others decide to go into cryosleep until the Earth becomes habitable, but Monty and Harper have other plans. They both stay awake while Monty charts the ship’s course for a new habitable planet. In the meantime, they have a son, and Harper dies of an illness. The Season 5 finale ended with Clarke and Bellamy waking up 125 years in the future, with Monty and Harper’s 28-year-old son telling them that his father managed to find a new planet they could live on before he died.

So what happens next? With a new planet to discover, there are plenty of ways the story can go, but these Season 6 fan theories are definitely worth considering.


The Planet Is Colonized By Earthers

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Some fans are taking clues from the Season 5 finale and the Season 6 trailer to point out that the new planet was likely colonized by Earthers from the Eligius III mission. “They are descendants of the Eligius 3 mission, launched from Earth 8 years before the apocalypse, even in the trailer they showed the photos of the first colonists with the damn American flag on the background,” wrote Redditor RisingShamal. “The new planet was only found because they cracked the Eligius III mission file, and the people on that planet are descendants of Eligius III,” Reddit user verystonedpenguin added.


Bellamy and Octavia Have Family On The New Planet

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If the humans on this new planet are indeed descendants of Earth’s Eligius III crew, knowing that Bellamy and Octavia’s grandfather was on that mission (which was mentioned in Season 5, Episode 3), it could mean that the brother and sister will find living relatives there. “If he did start a new family there, then that means that Bellamy and Octavia’s family just got bigger,” wrote RedditorIncanto_123. “This might lead to a scenario in which Bellamy and Octavia might have to save their family and they both say together “Our Family Our Responsibility”. I mean why else would they mention him in 5x03 unless he would be important later on.”


The New Enemy Is A Cult

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Based on the trailer for Season 6, Reddit user FlashyPersonality thinks that the new enemy Clarke and the crew will face is a cult. “I think Russel and his community are Second Dawn Cultists,” wrote the Reddit user. “Russel's community looks to be relatively low tech. They have lights, music, and technological protections from the environment, but they dress very simply and their actual buildings are far from technological looking, at least for an advanced civilization. And they use very rudimentary weapons--no guns. More to the point, he tells Clarke, ‘They will burn this world down, just like their last one.’”


The Planet Can Create Replicas

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In the trailer, you can see that the new planet has two suns, and there are scenes in which characters like Clarke and Octavia are fighting other versions of themselves. One Redditor,

Mairacadaxa, thinks that the planet has the ability to create secondary versions of everyone. “I really don't think this season will be about war,” wrote the user. “I can't take it anymore, you can't, no one can. So I think our big bad will be the planet. Coming back to the two suns, what if in some parts of that world, the planet makes replicas of same matter?”


Clarke Will Meet Her Clone

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Some fans, like Reddit user Urdur, think that the new planet will feature a clone of Clarke. “So the new planet has a Clarke Clone,” wrote the Redditor. “Given that Eligius IV left earth some 80 years before Clarke was born, this is is only possible if; Eligius took a Clone bank with them to populate the new planet;Clarke herself is a clone due to Jake/Abby being infertile (hence the Jake flashback). Perhaps Clarkes original version was someone important on Earth.”

Some of these theories sound pretty solid, but on a show like The 100, pretty much anything can happen. Every new season of the show comes with a fascinating new enemy, so there’s no telling what kind of trouble Cryokru will face this season.

Season 6 of The 100 premieres Tuesday, Apr. 30 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.