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Here Are 5 Wild Fan Theories About 'The Blacklist' That Are Bizarrely Plausible

Season 6 of The Blacklist is in full swing, and the mystery of Red’s identity keeps getting deeper. Liz found out that the bones in the duffel bag belonged to the real Raymond Reddington, so thinking this Red is an imposter, she had him turned in. While Red sits in jail for his gun conviction, fans have digging into clues to come up some Blacklist theories that might actually hold water.

If the bones in the duffel bag are the real Reddington, than who is Red? Fans share the sentiment of Dembe’s wise, yet always ignored words, “You need to tell Elizabeth the truth, Raymond.” Some fans think Red is playing a game of smoke and mirrors with the bones, while others think that this is part of his plan to bring down the cabal. Either way, despite being in jail, Red is cool and calm as usual, which means he knows exactly what is happening and what will happen next. But what Red doesn’t know yet is that Liz is the one who turned him in. He knows that someone in his inner circle betrayed him,and he’s dying to find out who it was. He loves Liz and wants to protect her, but when he finds out why she turned him in, will he finally tell her the truth to save himself?

Well, while Red orchestrates his elaborate schemes, and continues to hide who he really is, fans are doing their best to put together the puzzle pieces and break down what’s actually going on.


Red Is Katarina

As outlandish as it may seem, the "Redarina" theory has been floating around for quite sometime. Fans know that Red loves Liz like a parent, but some, like Redditor Chloeblanch5, think that he might just be her mother, Katarina. “I believe that skeleton Reddington is Liz’s father and the man she shot the night of the fire and that James Spader Reddington is in fact... Liz’s mother,” wrote Chloeblanch5. “When Alexander Kirk/Constantine Rostova is torturing Red and making him tell the truth with that serum, Red does not respond to any of the questions: ‘Are you her father?’ What he DOES respond to however, is ‘Is she your daughter’ to which Red responses ‘Yes, Elizabeth is my daughter.’” While the theory is a little out there, I have to say a lot of the user’s points make sense, and it would definitely make for an amazing twist.


Red Altered The DNA Of The Bones

You can’t put anything past Red. He can orchestrate and execute the most elaborate of plans with none the wiser. Redditor CaidenNCowger thinks that it’s possible that Red hired the Alchemist to alter the DNA of Katarina’s bones so that people think they are his. “Those bones belong to Katarina,” wrote the Redditor. “They were genetically modified with ‘Red’s’ DNA, and they are an insurance policy for Raymond Reddington.”


Red Is A Twin

The bones in the bag have the real Raymond Reddington’s DNA, so some fans think it could mean he had a twin. “Twins have identical sets of DNA,” wrote Reddit user bonafide_01. “So it is possible that the reveal would indicate that the imposter Reddington is nonetheless Liz’s father.”


The Bones Are Red's Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card

Some fans think that Red will use the bones in court to rove his misidentity. “I reckon RED's going to pull a 'I'm not Raymond Reddington' when things go ape sh*t in court,” wrote Redditor amenteco. “I mean how else are you going to explain away the hundreds of charges other then, I didn't do them, I'm not the right guy.” The theory is well inline with the wyay Red has done things in the past, and this could easily be his best defense in court.


Red Is A Fed

What if Red isn’t the criminal mastermind everyone thinks he is? Reddit user TheDonald1 thinks that Red may be an undercover federal agent, referencing Red’s first encounter in the FBI building in during pilot episode. “‘This is not my first time in familiar territory,’ he said this inside a room of FBI agents or individuals probably associated with the FBI. It makes it seem like he had a previous history with the Bureau,” wrote TheDonald1. “I can’t think of any other reason off the top of my head why Red would have any history with the Bureau if he wasn’t an FBI special agent.”

Season 6 is well under way, and Red’s story will probably take a few more twists and turns before fans find out exactly what he’s up to. While any of these theories could be true, knowing The Blacklist, it will probably be something completely unexpected, and it will likely leave fans with more questions than answers.

New episodes of The Blacklist air Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.