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These 'Station 19' Theories Will Prepare You For The Winter Premiere

When Station 19 comes back to ABC on Mar. 7, it should finally resolve any threads left hanging at the end of its autumn mid-season finale, "Weather the Storm." The time between new episodes has given fans months to speculate about what may happen when the crew is back in action again. While waiting for Station 19 to return, these 5 theories will give you some possibilities to ponder. They may not predict every twist and turn of "Crash and Burn," but at least one or two is guaranteed to get close.

The mid-season finale ended on a seriously stressful cliffhanger. A windstorm whipping through Seattle gave the team a lot of emergencies to defuse, and not everyone emerged from the crisis intact. Jack found that his issues were getting harder to hide. Ryan discovered worrying information about his father. Maya may soon be gone. Ripley and Vic's relationship was one positive amidst all the chaos. But worst of all? Andy and Sullivan might not be long for this world. When they went out to help the victim of a hit-and-run, their car was swept off the road and crashed into a ravine. Their fate remains uncertain.

These theories try to get a jump on new storylines before Station 19 returns. And who knows? They could be right on the money.

Another One Bites The Dust

Fans have certain expectations when it comes to shows that fall under the Shondaland umbrella. After years of disasters on Grey's Anatomy and shockers on Scandal, they know that a major character death is to be expected. And Reddit user mishaamistry__ wondered if that death was coming sooner rather than later. They put forth the theory that Sullivan would die in the ravine accident and Maya would get his position.

But Don't Buy The Condolence Card Yet

However, Redditor emersynjc offered an alternative that meant no one had to die: perhaps Sullivan would only be injured. He would survive, but he'd be put out of commission for a while. In that case, Andy would step in as acting captain and Maya would become lieutenant.

What's Going On With Jack?

Some fans were wondering what was going on with Jack, and Reddit user emersynjc (a theory aficionado) had an answer at the ready. They believed that Jack might have bipolar disorder and was dealing with a manic episode that was "compounded by his PTSD and stress from the skyscraper fire." According to them, this could lead to Jack seeking therapy or making major changes in his life. He might end up transferring to another station or giving up his lieutenant position until his mental health is more stable.

Andy & Sullivan Could Get Together (If They Survive)

This theory comes directly from the series creator herself. While talking to ABC7 Chicago, Stacy McKee revealed that a romance between Andy and Sullivan was a real possibility. Their dynamic is an interesting one, and McKee said the crash could make a difference in how they interact. Speculation proposed by a showrunner certainly has the best chance of coming true.

Maya On The Move

McKee also indulged in some theorizing while talking to TV Guide. She didn't share any spoilers, but she said that Maya could go to Station 23 and start over in a brand new place. That would present difficulties when it came to the aftermath of the storm, but McKee didn't rule out Maya leaving Station 19 behind.

The storm shook up everything for the Station 19 team, but they'll have to figure out their next step when the dust settles in "Crash and Burn."