5 Things That Are Actually Safe On Halloween, Despite What People Think

Whether it's all of the scary makeup and costumes or the idea of knocking on strangers' doors to ask for candy, Halloween can be an especially scary time for parents of young children. It's hard enough to keep your kids safe on a regular day, but when they want to walk around in the dark with their faces covered, you have an extra set of challenges. If your children are looking forward to having some ghoulish fun, you don't have to be a total Debbie Downer. There are things that are actually safe on Halloween, despite what people think.

The world can be a much scarier place when you have to be responsible for the health and safety of your children. And when the news is full of stories about people and things that can cause them serious harm, it's tempting to want to keep your little ones locked up inside your house until the day they're ready to head off to college.

But you don't have to sacrifice fun for safety this Halloween. With just a little extra effort, you can make sure your kiddos still get to celebrate all that is ghoulish, gross, and great about the day. Opting for healthy treats, making your own face paint with natural products, and ensuring your kids' costumes and treat bags can be seen by oncoming cars are just a few of the ways you can make Halloween night a fun time for them and a lot less scary for you.


Going Out At Night

If you plan on trick or treating after the sun goes down, make sure your kids can see and be seen in the dark. Decorate your kids' costumes and treat bags with reflective tape to help make them visible to cars and other people on the road, as suggested.


Wearing Makeup

Makeup is a safer alternative to wearing a mask that could make it more difficult for your child to see. Bu, as HuffPost reported, some makeup sold in stores contains lead and other toxic materials that can present a serious danger to your child. Be sure to choose natural and non-toxic makeup products to paint your child's face, as The Honest Company's blog suggested. Or if you'd rather DIY, try making your own.


Decorating Pumpkins

If turning your pumpkin into a Jack 'O Lantern is giving you anxiety, you can breathe easy. There are plenty of safe decorating options that won't leave you at risk for a trip to the emergency room. Leave all of the carving with sharp objects to the adults. Or you can opt for decorative stickers or paint instead.


Trick Or Treating

As the FDA advises, give your kids a snack before starting, to keep them satisfied until you're able to inspect their treats for safety. If you'd really really rather not deal with trick or treating at all, you can plan a kid-friendly party with other families instead.


Eating Candy

If you're worried about disappointing your kids' dentist with the treats you choose, you can provide some healthier alternatives. Look for chocolates without sticky centers or sugar-free gum that won't stick to your kids' teeth instead, as NY Metro Parents advised.