5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Long Bob
by Meg Kehoe

What do I have in common with Taylor Swift and Kerry Washington? Aside from a strong squad and continually feeling torn between Fitz and Jake, we share the same style hair. More specifically, we’ve all been known to rock the long bob. But before you join the ranks of the LOB elite, there are some things you need to know about getting a long bob. Because this decision is not one to take lightly.

Last year, I let my stylist take her scissors to my precious, painstakingly grown luscious locks. After months of bargaining with myself about how long hair had so much more versatility, I realized I was putting it up in a top knot almost every day to avoid styling it. All signs suggested that a change was in order. So, armed with a few photos of celebs with LOBS and a sense of determination, my stylist and I decided to go for it.

And I loved it.

Like, really loved it. My drying time was cut down by half, I could still tie it back in a ponytail, and the best part? It totally worked as second day hair. Let me tell you — there is no greater hairstyle than one that lends itself to second day hair. As a long time wearer of long hair, let me fill you in on a few things you ought to know before taking the scissors to your luscious locks.


Prepare To Use Product

You’ll quickly learn that there are plenty of ways to style a long bob. And these do’s require pins, more pins, and product. Although you can wear your LOB au natural, Stratton suggested, “pumping it up with some waves, styling creme, sea salt spray, and added texture.”

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Get Ready To Cut Your Hair More Often

Rocking the long bob takes a little more salon maintenance than long hair or a bob. Long hair is easy to get away with skipping a salon appointment or two, and a bob can easily grow into a long bob without much help. But when a long bob gets just a little too long, the hair has a tendency to flip out at the bottom and go a little duck tail. To keep your LOB on fleek, Kristen Ess of The Beauty Department(not to mention the genius behind Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale’s recent cuts) wrote that “six weeks is good on average” for time between cuts.


Know A LOB Works With All Face Shapes

Between the length and the styling options, there’s no wrong face shape for the lob.


Consider Your Hair Texture

If you’ve been seeing the same stylist for years, you don’t have much to worry about. But if you’re heading to someone new for a cut, make sure to talk with them about whether or not your hair’s texture can handle a long bob. As San Francisco-based stylist Korina Stratton told Brit & Co, “girls with thin hair will definitely need to put more effort into this style.” So make sure you’re willing to put in the necessary upkeep effort before making the commitment.


You Don't Have To Make It A Blunt Cut

Feel free to experiment with a few long layers in the front if you have wavy or curly hair, an angled chop in the back, or layers all over. The beauty of the long bob is that it can be styled in so many different ways.

Images: laurenconrad/Instagram, Mark Metcalfe/Getty; hilaryduff, kerrywashington, lucyhale, karliekloss