5 Things To Do After Sex That Could Help You Get Pregnant


You've been following all the rules of good baby making. Taking your prenatal vitamin, check. Monitoring your Basal Body Temperature, check. Tracking ovulation, check. Regular sex at time of ovulation, double check! But once you've checked all these rules off your list, don't forget there are things to do after sex to get pregnant that can be just as important as all the preparing. Because just as soon as the show is over, the real magic starts happening.

All that lead up to the deed can be a mood killer if you're not careful. Although creating a life is a serious thing, having fun with sex when trying to conceive makes everyone smile bigger. And having a more relaxed attitude toward the act may result in more successful baby making. This chill vibe is especially beneficial in the post-sex phases, when you want to help those little swimmers be the best that they can be at their job. Consider this your permission to be relaxed, carefree, and happy when trying to conceive.

If you're growing impatient with Mother Nature, tip the scale in your favor with these things to do after sex, because these are the tricks that just might help you get pregnant.

1. Lounge A Little


Give yourself permission to do nothing for a little bit and lounge in your bed after sex. Not getting up after sex increases the odds that sperm has time to get to the egg and fertilize it, according to Today. Giving those little swimmers about five minutes or so can help them do their job.

2. Take Deep Breaths


If you've been planning to get pregnant, one of the most important things to avoid is stress. According to Parents, stress can be a factor in infertility, so after you do the deed, don't start worrying if this is the time it will "take." Instead, keep a relaxed vibe and try to stay focused on the positive.

3. Hold Your Pee


Waiting to pee after sex can help more sperm stay in a woman's body longer. As Mayo Clinic pointed out, sperm can stay for days in a woman's reproductive tract, so not only will laying around for a few minutes give it time to travel to the egg, avoiding the bathroom for awhile will help as well.

4. Avoid Your Vices


To maximize your fertility potential, avoid using cigarettes and alcohol when trying to conceive. According to Mayo Clinic, these vices can stand in the way of baby making and low your chances of conception.

5. Find Gratitude


As Harvard Health pointed out, the emotional impact of infertility can be significant. While it may be difficult to find the silver lining when pregnancy hopes haven't panned out as you planned, finding other things in your life to be grateful for may help to focus on positive things, rather than being consumed by one area of your life.