How To Store Breast Milk For A Cruise

You've been dreaming about your getaway for months, but when it comes to the last-minute details of your trip, you might find yourself getting a bit stressed. As great as a getaway can be, they require incessant amounts of planning, especially for the breastfeeding mom. Aside from the normal travel questions surrounding TSA regulations, breastfeeding moms need to consider their milk supply, storage options, and how to pump while they're away from their baby. If a cruise is your getaway of choice there are a few things to know about storing breast milk for a cruise to ensure your trip is as smooth as stress-free as you've been dreaming about.

Whether you're traveling with or without your baby, many moms choose to pump while they're on vacation to keep up their milk supply and allow for a bit more freedom (hello, margaritas.) In fact, if you're planning to be gone for more than a few days, pumping while you're away is a must, unless you're planning on weaning during your trip.

Although most cruise lines are accommodating to breastfeeding moms, it's important to understand your particular cruise's policies and regulations before booking your trip — especially if you know you'll need to pump frequently and store your milk while you're there.


You May Not Have Refrigerator Access

As odd as it seems, according to mommy chat forums, not all cruise lines come with mini refrigerators in the rooms. To cope, Carnival recommended that moms bring a small cooler with them on their trip, and ask for ice from the staff if they need to store or freeze their breast milk.


You Can Bring Your Electric Pump And Milk With You

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), mothers are permitted to bring any breastfeeding or pumping supplies they need to on an airline, regardless of whether they're traveling with children or not.


You Should Call Your Cruise Line In Advance

According to USA Today, each cruise line may have slightly different policies when it comes to what they do and don't allow. Some cruises may make it extremely convenient for pumping moms, while others may be less obliging. Call your cruise line in advance to know their rules and regulations before you embark on your adventure.


You Should Know Proper Storage Guidelines

Knowing how to properly store your breast milk is a skill every pumping mom should have, but when you're traveling, the knowledge becomes even more important. According to Medela, breast milk will last for up to 24 hours on ice, three to eight days in a refrigerator, and six to 12 months in a freezer.


You May Have Trouble Traveling Back With Your Milk

According to Lactation Matters, breast milk is not subject to the three ounce rule of flying, but you may still be asked to present it separately when you return home. If you pumped up a stock pile while you were gone, explain to security that the liquid is breast milk and you need to keep it chilled during the flight home.