5 Daily Habits That'll Help Your Baby Keep Calm

In a world where adults are constantly talking about their busy lives and getting worked up over all they have to do, it's no surprise that kids are starting to stress out at a younger age. Being calm, however, is an underrated and important trait. Calm adults that keep their cool not only seem to handle these things better, but also radiate that relaxed attitude in the direction of those around them. So how do you teach your little one to be calm? There are actually things you do everyday that'll make your baby calmer later in life.

It might seem like you're fighting a losing battle — trying to encourage your baby to adopt that same sense of calm that seems to be evading so many members of society — but it's worth it. According to Mind Body Green, calmness and mindfulness create so many lifelong benefits including improved social skills and more independent thinking. While practicing yoga or cultivating a meditation practice with your little one would, maybe hilariously, likely do the trick, there are some relatively simple things that you already do that will help your baby grow into a calm, cool, and collected adult. And if you're not doing them already, the following are easy enough to add into your routine.


You're There For Them

You probably know love, support, and consistency from birth can do good things for your kiddo, but the fact that it can help make them calm might be a bit of a surprise. In an interview with The Bump, pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp said that feelings of security help calm your baby and make them happy. You build a reputation that things will be OK when you're consistently there for them as babies.


You Teach Your Child Self-Control

Everyone has that urge from time to time to completely lose control and say or do whatever they feel like saying or doing. Part of your job is to teach your child that it's not really appropriate. Teaching your kids self-control will help them be calmer and less impulsive or volatile as adults, according to Kids Health. They'll be able to more effectively manage situations that would otherwise make them angry, upset, or worked up.


You Encourage Creativity

Coloring is soothing for kids and adults alike, and there's a reason for that. According to the previously-mentioned article from Mind Body Green, encouraging your kids' creative pursuits will help them learn to calmly problem solve and deal with frustration in a healthier way.


You Establish Routines

Babies, like many people, thrive when you follow a set schedule. In an interview with, psychologist Elizabeth Pantley said that keeping kids on a consistent schedule will keep them calmer because their needs for eating, sleeping, and the like are always being met.


You Lead By Example

Ultimately, one of the best things to do to make sure that your child is calm later in life is to lead by example and model calm behaviors and reactions. According to a guest post by child behavior and violence prevention expert Dr. Michele Borba on the website for Parents, showing your kids that it's possible to remain calm instead of flying off the handle is one of the most effective ways you can teach your kids to be calm. Take a deep breath, you're doing a good job.