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Sandra Oh's Mom Was The Real Star Of The 2018 Emmys

by Megan Walsh

Sandra Oh made history by being the first Asian woman nominated for Best Actress in a Drama Series at the 2018 Emmys, and she showed up to the ceremony with her biggest fans by her side. Her parents Young-nam Oh and Joon-soo Oh were there to support her every step of the way, but Oh's mom in particular earned the affection of viewers on Twitter. And these 5 times Sandra Oh's mom was adorable the Emmys make it clear why.

Oh has spoken before about how important it was for her to make her parents proud, especially as someone who had pursued job in a creative field. Her sister was a lawyer and her brother a medical geneticist; as she said to Vanity Fair after her nomination was announced, "Koreans are ambitious, man. It means a lot to my parents that I do the work that I do and it has the visibility." She related an anecdote about driving with them to find a billboard for Killing Eve with her face on it and how thrilled they were for her success. But it was a thirty year journey to get to that place.

At the Emmys, Young-nam Oh made sure everyone knew just how proud she was of her daughter. And Twitter was loving it.

Best Dressed

Before Mrs. Oh had even uttered a word, viewers were delighted by her red carpet ensemble. She wore a traditional Korean hanbok to the event, which seemed to highlight the significance of her daughter's nomination. It made an important moment for visibility all the more visible.

Cuteness Is Genetic

Seriously, Mrs. and Mrs. Oh (as Sandra introduced them) didn't even have to say anything. Fans were excited just to see them, perhaps in part because it confirmed that Oh had inherited her own adorable personality from her mom and dad.

Very Proud

But it got better from there. Variety asked how proud Mrs. Oh was of her daughter and she answered, "Oh, very much. I'm so proud of her." Then she leaned over and gave Oh a kiss on the cheek. No one was happier about that than Oh, who exclaimed, "Oh my god, that happened on film!" Twitter user @its_willyu remarked that Oh was living "Asian American child’s dream right now" (even though she's Canadian).

Live For The Applause

After the red carpet portion of the evening was over, Mrs. Oh took her seat beside her daughter for the awards themselves. Every time the camera cut to Oh after that, viewers got to see her mom cheering her on. It was almost too cute to take.

And The Winner Is

Oh didn't end up winning Best Actress (instead the award went to Claire Foy for The Crown), though she celebrated her fellow nominee's win as only the most gracious can. However, the camera also caught Mrs. Oh in the moments after the category was announced. She leaned over to her daughter for a bit of serious conversation that seemed to some Twitter users like an indication that she shared their disappointment over the loss.

Sandra Oh might not have left the Emmys with a statue of her very own, but her mom's pride is a reward unto itself.